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UrbanStray t1_j6jwkjm wrote

Does every single update on each country sending another aid package to Ukraine qualify as world news?


BMWDUKE t1_j6m5k9v wrote

Dumb question, 20 points from hufflepuff


UrbanStray t1_j6oadz4 wrote

Why is it a dumb question?


BMWDUKE t1_j6oburd wrote

Because not only is it the most important event in recent history, whether you agree with that or not, but it's WORLD LEADERS sending MILITARY AID to a FOREGIN COUNTRY that is AT WAR which could pose multiple NATIONAL SECURITY RISKS. If you don't think that's world news, you are mistaken.


takeitineasy t1_j6of6za wrote

To many people are still under the impression that Israel is pro-Russia, so, unfortunately these articles have to be posted.