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idanoren13 t1_j6lf64e wrote

Netanyahu became PM a month ago. The previous PM Lapid which he is more pro Ukraine, didn’t sell weaponry. I’m not talking about the moral arguments (that they are in favor selling to Ukraine) I’m speaking that Israel prefers to sell weapons to 3rd world countries that nobody has interest what happens there or countries that the chances to be involved in a major war is low.


degotoga t1_j6lg0qe wrote

Israel sells to NATO members as well as countries in active disputes so I don’t understand this argument


idanoren13 t1_j6lgvcm wrote

Then I ill explained that. My point is that while Israel sell weapons to anyone, expect when a major conflict like Ukraine Russia war it prefers to stay out of it. Its a business move to keep its gold standard as superior technology, so they won’t have to really test their stuff.


degotoga t1_j6ljft2 wrote

That makes zero sense


idanoren13 t1_j6n3tjx wrote

For you it’s nonsense but for Israel it’s sweet cash


degotoga t1_j6nzu4v wrote

So if Italy goes to war with Russia, Israel will cease to supply them weapons? Or worse, ban them from using the weapons they already bought in order to maintain its “gold standard”? Why would anyone purchase Israeli weapons under this absurd logic. The real answer is that Israel has decided helping Ukraine isn’t worth antagonizing Russia