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onecrazyguy1 t1_j6lrxbq wrote

No they were random Palestinians in the West Bank that were part of a different group. The PA lead by Fatah has a weak hold on the WB and lost Gaza completely in 2007. Mahmoud Abbas is 87 and will die soon, Fatah is pretty weak, Hamas is strong, but not decisively like in Gaza. Major cities are way more separate in WB, so different group tend to have control in the different cities, like Ramallah, Jenin, Hebron, etc... In this case Hamas was not involved. Many Palestinians will attack Israeli citizens(these Druze were Israeli), as the Palestinian government will pay their families though pay to slay,

Edit: accidentally replaced fatah with hamas


faciepalm t1_j6lztdj wrote

Radicalised people gonna do radical things i guess. Though to be fair, even the boy's father said they took the body instead of my son. Doesn't seem like it was a slaying of the boy who was in a car accident


Shaul_Ishtov t1_j6mz8h3 wrote

His family said he was still alive when he was taken, he died in the terrorists custody.