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grapehelium t1_j6lsl52 wrote

If you really want to play a numbers game, start with the truth.

There were not even 300 Palestinians killed in 2022. so certainly less than 1 a day.


(and even once you get the real number, how many of those were active combatants, or killed because of their immediate proximity to active combatants? The vast majority of Israelis killed by palestinians were not only not active combatants, they were civilians just doing day to day stuff nowhere near a firefight)

and neither does Israel just walk around picking up palestinian kids to torture. Of course someone involved in a terrorist activity, or endangering the lives of others, by throwing rocks at cars for example, should be detained. The torture thing is just another accusation thrown around without any basis or proof. Just like the accusation that Israel loves to do this. Israel wants all these terrorists, and their kids that have been raised to hate to just leave Israel alone.

(now after having written all of this, I hope you were just sincerely uneducated, and have now learnt something, and I haven't wasted my time with a troll.)