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der_titan t1_j5qwzty wrote

North Korea has a larger military than China. North Korea is a nuclear power. Where do you rank them?


ghostofpostapocalive t1_j5qy1rj wrote

Where are you getting that NK has a larger military than China? Per Capita?


der_titan t1_j5r11lv wrote

International Institute for Strategic Studies, as shown on Wikipedia, including paramilitary personnel like the Worker-Peasant Red Guards.

Is China more developed than Switzerland? Japan? Norway? Is North Korea more developed than South Korea?

Military size or nuclear weapons aren't the standard for a developed vs developing country for a reason.


ghostofpostapocalive t1_j5r8jnf wrote

Hahaha, ok, when you add in a huge chunk of NK's population as "Paramilitary" sure. Not realistic. My comment was tongue and cheek. It's funny how such a developing Nation can have so many billionaires.