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monkeywithgun t1_j6maxse wrote

>To Criminalize Comments On Social Networks

The fear inherent in theocracies/autocracies and the predictable tyranny they use to cope with it.


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supercyberlurker t1_j6o387o wrote

Religion is as much a virus as a tool, a parasitic force that infects then uses the hosts to infect others. In that context, I can absolutely blame the virus.


ARobertNotABob t1_j6o3my8 wrote

If you want to analogise, it's more like alcohol. First The Man takes The Drink, then The Drink takes The Man.


bibleboy69420 t1_j6pjd54 wrote

I think virus is used because it describes spread.

Anyway, you all should stop sinning and fuck more.


goliathfasa t1_j6oz6w1 wrote

Religions don’t kill people, guns do.

And guns don’t kill people, people so.


macross1984 t1_j6ma5ea wrote

Iran theocracy full speed ahead to stomp on its people.


red--6- t1_j6mecfd wrote

American Christian Nationalists + Republicans are getting very aroused by all this


MC-Tic-Tac t1_j6miqcd wrote

Good luck trying to find who WeedLord420-69 is lol 🤔


MidAssKing t1_j6my81q wrote

Today's sponsor is NordVPN


StillBurningInside t1_j6nvtkb wrote

Who with enough money thrown their way will do Iran’s bidding .

Tor is safer for anonymous post .


lilrabbitfoofoo t1_j6nird9 wrote


Put this on your watchlist, fuckers.

Not bad enough for you? How about this...

Allah is a lie and Muhammad was His liar.


dhole69420 t1_j6nqfds wrote

Maybe post this in an Iranian subreddit? I’m not sure they’re seeing that here.


lilrabbitfoofoo t1_j6ny7rj wrote

The apologists and paid propagandists of the Iranian theocrazy see and invade every Reddit post about Iran.


AmbitiousTour t1_j6ncm1v wrote

Iran is really becoming North Korea, but unlike there, the Iranian aren't having it.


zukeen t1_j6o7o2z wrote

Are the protests still going? I’ve read it died down, not sure what is the latest info.


Veginite t1_j6n2lcx wrote

Islamic China


HardlyW0rkingHard t1_j6o0u0t wrote

The Islamic Republic are way bigger pieces of shit than any autocratic asshole in China. They are outright terrorists.


valoon4 t1_j6o13pf wrote

Thats because iran uses religion and china is not really religious. Religion makes people even more crazy


HardlyW0rkingHard t1_j6o2hxj wrote

except conversely the islamic republic being crazy religious has made the people of iran less and less religious. only 30% of Iranians identify as shia muslim.


valoon4 t1_j6oyfh5 wrote

Think the same can be said everywhere where religious nuts currently drive crazy, eg in Germany people are leaving the church on mass


dw4zemi3 t1_j6ndx5r wrote

Just like Russia, a pathetic country afraid of social media lmao


fapalicius t1_j6nw3s3 wrote

Welcome to the dark ages


hesamian t1_j6o2f73 wrote

Terrorist government + tyrannical + censorship = North Korea in making.

Add a nuclear bomb to the equation?!


markedbeamazed t1_j6p1z2v wrote

Fucking dumb. Instead of fixing it's many problems, Iran just placed the blame on something else.


autotldr t1_j6mdu3g wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 75%. (I'm a bot)

> The Iranian parliament plans to add an article to the Islamic Penal Code that would criminalize "Expressing opinions on social networks," state media reported, in an attempt to further limit freedom of speech.

> The draft legislation says that people who hold "a social, political, scientific and cultural position" and use social media to comment on issues that "Require" an official response will be sentenced to prison if their posts get "Widespread feedback" and "Disrupt public order."

> A growing number of celebrities have used their social media accounts to voice support for protests that have swept Iran for more than four months and criticize the Islamic Republic's brutal response to the wave of public anger.

Extended Summary | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: social^#1 media^#2 legal^#3 issues^#4 article^#5


Snarfbuckle t1_j6n4uh7 wrote

They have apparently never heard the latter part of "sticks and stones shall break my bones..."


Dont-be-a-smurf t1_j6pg9lb wrote

Well on behalf of their citizens:

Fuck the Iranian government

And, in an exercise of my own liberty:

Fuck the American government and our cocksucking president.*

*(I don’t even feel this way I’m just happy I can write it and have zero fear a government jackboot will show up at my door to arrest me).


572473605 t1_j6owixe wrote

Do you guys know any Iranian social networks?
Asking for a friend.


fellipec t1_j6pgeqt wrote

So in Iran I can't comment on Aisha's age?


archypsych t1_j6opddq wrote

Can they get around this by saying in every comment ’I can’t believe I overheard someone on the street say…..’ and then insert their true views?

Everyone would know.


Winter_Soldat t1_j6pcc9f wrote

Words hurt our fe fes. Every bullshit authoritarian government.


Balgat1968 t1_j6ncove wrote

Trump wanted to criminalize statements made to congress under oath. “Colonel Vindman is a traitor and should be tried for treason” (punishable by death) Along with anyone else who said something he didn’t like. Then he did have him bumped off of the promotion list. The only one in over a thousand nominations. Oh right, sorry, let’s get back Iran.


oofoverlord t1_j6nio3r wrote

…what? You know two things can be bad at once and that not all news is about America right?


colbat45 t1_j6nnjn0 wrote

This is Reddit - America must be brought up in every r/worldnews post…you know the sub for news NOT about America


54321lkjhg OP t1_j6np010 wrote

I’ve literally never read a post about Iran (or any country) on Reddit that doesn’t have Americans in the comments completely ignoring said country and spouting off some shit about the US instead.

Truly amazing how they can always spin it to be about themselves.


GilakiGuy t1_j6ns6mt wrote

Yeah it’s wild, world must revolve around them or something


54321lkjhg OP t1_j6nsqjd wrote

It’d be impressive if it wasn’t so ignorant.


DaNo1CheeseEata t1_j6ojwpr wrote

It's mostly Iranian trolls astroturfing reddit.

>Volunteers found Iran's propaganda effort on Reddit — but their warnings were ignored

If you look at some users posting here about the US and see their comment history, you'll see every post is about the US or UK ...but the threads they're posting in are about Iran or Russia.

And given reddit's culture hatred for Americans, everyone eats it up.


cykboydev t1_j6niu1p wrote

most people in this comment section don’t realise this is already a thing in most western countries too


54321lkjhg OP t1_j6nngus wrote

Really? Which countries?


cykboydev t1_j6nsp72 wrote

in the majority of the EU you can go to prison if you comment the wrong thing online, freedom of speech does not exist here