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Riptide360 t1_j6leul6 wrote

Not good. Japan is starting to match the US daily covid deaths, with only 1/2 the population.


ScopeLogic t1_j6lkqqs wrote

Much older population though


Valleyx t1_j6n5mx2 wrote

I guess the population density is also way bigger, although I don't know if that matters that much


mtarascio t1_j6lpv95 wrote

Do you mean matching now or during other periods?

They went through a long time being way way below the US.

Having an acceleration that matches the US at one point doesn't really tell any long term tale.


TheLizzardMan t1_j6lzn47 wrote

You got downvoted for raising a completely valid and logical point. Reddit at work!

Seriously though, I don't know the answer, but I'd love to hear one.


nandemo t1_j6mxt4i wrote

Yeah, but the US has had 1.1 million total deaths. In Japan we've had under 70k.


[deleted] t1_j6lnh8z wrote



imminentjogger5 t1_j6lxj8c wrote

Is that in the article somewhere?


Grape_Fish t1_j6ly0u6 wrote

No it's just a talking point to minimize the seriousness of the pandemic.


flac_rules t1_j6mjxgb wrote

If anything people overestimate the risk for young people vs old.


Grape_Fish t1_j6n7fy7 wrote

COVID 19 is a leading cause of death for children and young people in the USA so I'm going to disagree.

Edit: I said "the" not "a", sue me. Still a boat load of morons trying to underplay the seriousness of the pandemic. It's a big deal and it's not only old people who die and even if it was, it would still be a big deal.


Apprehensive-Top7774 t1_j6pfou9 wrote

>COVID 19 is the leading

Not quite

COVID 19 is a leading cause of death. No reason to exaggerate, it is serious enough of an issue without misinformation