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Treviathan88 t1_j65wrew wrote

I don't hate her, but... I also don't give two shits what she thinks....


StognaBolognas t1_j667yns wrote

Yeah not suspicious at all that op replied verbatim what ‘another’ responder had already said.


DeMalgamnated t1_j68sb9c wrote

she's only famous because she's autistic, if she was just an average teenager no one would be paying her any attention.

i think it's wrong that her parents turned her into a celebrity just because they think she's special.

she's no more special than anyone else. i found her initial speech a bit cringe when she first emerged.

HOW DARE YOU! to me it just sounded off.

when it's something serious like climate change, we need to have scientists making speeches, not teenagers who claim to be activists.

all she is, is one of the many current social media influencers. someone that people feel the need to follow but for the wrong reasons.

listen to the adults, not the angry girl.

if you want to make a different, keep recycling, use less plastic stuff, don't create so much daily rubbish, grow more veg etc at home if you have a garden, use your car less if possible. go on litter picks etc. you don't need to make a specticle of yourself.

just know you are doing your bit.


chaseinger t1_j66ohlr wrote

good thing you're not in the un then i guess. because they do, increasingly so. you should really try read what she said, it's rather compelling.


Grower0fGrass t1_j66lc1n wrote

Yeah, but there are millions of young people who do care what she thinks…

There are millions of old men who piss their pants in fury at what she thinks…

There are companies who have invested millions in astroturfing against her because they are afraid about what she thinks…

And there are people like you, whose thoughts very few give two shits about TBH.

So you now, whatevs.

She thinks we should listen to the science, and she’s having impact…a lot of fucking impact. You can thank her once her voting block becomes fully age-activated.


CheeseIsAHypothesis t1_j67ihpm wrote

Are you seriously offended that someone doesn't care what she thinks?


qwerty_38 t1_j67zlf0 wrote

He wrote a paragraph defending her.You can't make this shit up lol


Grower0fGrass t1_j67yufc wrote

Modelling apathy is classic astroturfing at worst, an awful example at best. The production of apathy is now industry strategy.


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Treviathan88 t1_j661lf1 wrote

You're welcome. Posting comments is what comment sections are for, so I couldn't help myself.


Web_Automatic OP t1_j664gfg wrote

Thank you for making sure all of reddit knows that she doesn't influence you. So brave.