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macross1984 t1_j60nzs9 wrote

Russians don't mind. It empty their prison and many of them will most likely not survive the minimum six months to be released as they are likely to be sent in as canon fodder.


ajaxfetish t1_j60tcyy wrote

And as a bonus, it frees up space for them to lock up all the dissenters who've been protesting the war or criticizing the administration!


postsshortcomments t1_j6315yc wrote

And then people who do mind or people like you who refer to this special military operation as a war can be used in labor camps to support the special military operation effort or later be offered pardon in exchange for six months of service to the country! Fascism, ho!


Test19s t1_j60opgo wrote

Putin’s regime is grotesque.


macross1984 t1_j60phgj wrote

Yup, Putin knows he is cornered and fighting simply to survive and Russia be damned.


Youve_Got_Parvo t1_j618b0s wrote

And if they do survive, it's not like they actually have to pardon them


zerombr t1_j64nrxi wrote

Wait, they don't keep as many people locked up as they can? Their prisons aren't privatized?


lhazorous t1_j623bno wrote

Good. What a disgusting culture to fester on the planet.