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panda_gravy t1_j61hrc5 wrote

Nope! They just extend those 6 months forever, and if you say no? Sledgehammer time!

Some Wagner commander escaped to Norway and tried to get asylum because of that.


Graega t1_j61xt6d wrote

That was pretty much gonna be my guess. The commissar makes up some crime a guy committed and executes him in front of the rest of the slave-soldiers to ensure that they stay in line. The next one who survives in the next one in the firing line.


isjahammer t1_j639m99 wrote

I'm gonna take a guess here and say that would vary a lot even in different groups of Wagner. Impossible that all of them don't have anything humane left in them. But I guess it's the job of western news/propaganda to make them look as bad as possible. Disturbing occurrences just make for more clicks then saying there have been some cases of...


johnnybeehive t1_j63cdts wrote



isjahammer t1_j63ep6g wrote

Just want to keep a realistic estimate. Seems that reddit loves to make every single russian and soldier the literal devil without any refinement. I understand though because that's the easy way to go for most people that doesn't require any empathy or deeper thinking.


johnnybeehive t1_j63etrn wrote

I imagine you think a sizeable portion of these people are just doing their jobs.


Hairless_Ape_ t1_j643aoi wrote

Wagner is literally recruiting violent criminals. These aren't tax cheats. The system most highly incentivizes those serving the longest sentences, so it's the murders and rapists that are first to volunteer. So I am indeed short on empathy, but I think it's you who is short on critical thinking.

Given that Russia (through its predecessor, the USSR) still holds the world championship for civilian rapes (Berlin, 1945), then maybe you think that the Wagner guys are indeed just regular Russian soldiers...


isjahammer t1_j64jkjb wrote

They are recruiting criminals. But a) not in the higher ranks and b) not everyone in Wagner is a criminal.


Hairless_Ape_ t1_j64ksxw wrote

"Only some of them are convinced murderers and rapists, so they're really very nice people."

There doesn't exist enough napalm to give each and every invader exactly what they deserve.


axonxorz t1_j65aqh8 wrote

b) but they are still soldiers fighting in a war that their government started


Millerbomb t1_j64azca wrote

> job of western news/propaganda

Wagner uploading videos of them killing their own man with a sledge hammer does the work for western news


LatterTarget7 t1_j65ausp wrote

I mean this is like saying not everyone in the ss could’ve been that bad.

The Wagner group in Africa entire job is to clean out villages.

Their job in Ukraine is to kill any Russians who retreat. They also rape and beat the Russians before execution. They kill their own men if they don’t follow orders.

There’s no one left in the ranks besides the absolute worst. Cause if you aren’t the worst you are raped beaten and executed


ErikTheAngry t1_j627j0h wrote

Fingers crossed they give them all asylum. Encourage as many defections as they can. It hurts the war effort.

And then when it's all over, send every last one of them to The Hague for a reckoning of what they did in Ukraine, Africa, and everywhere else Wagner has operated.


oliilo1 t1_j631oky wrote

Nah, we don't want Russian criminals.
I'd much rather incentivize them to start a civil war in Russia. Convince Prigozhin he has a chance of taking out Putin and look like a good guy.


synapticrelease t1_j631xce wrote

civil war is not what you want with a nuclear power.


IcarusOnReddit t1_j643m90 wrote

Once the government falls, the west can send some troops to each silo as a peacekeeping force. Deactivate them. Leave.


synapticrelease t1_j64ji8n wrote

Lol ok.

I’m not even going to get into how heavily defended silos are. Talking literal bunkers with feet thick walls and doors designed not to get broken into simultaneously into triple digit sites deep into Russia which would require a coordinated effort from multiple fronts.

Yeah. It’ll go without a hitch 👍


Westfakia t1_j64t5q7 wrote

And who decides what happens to the fissionable components? You can’t exactly leave them lying around.


IcarusOnReddit t1_j64u03w wrote

Throw em in a helicopter and take them?


Westfakia t1_j64z601 wrote

Take them where?

Who’s gonna approve a flight plan for fissionables across international borders?

This isn’t tinkertoys, it’s weapons grade uranium and plutonium. I don’t want it flying anywhere near me, keeping it on the ground is much safer. The stuff is also highly sought after by undesirables, so it needs to be done with the utmost in security. Easier said than done.


ParanoidDroid t1_j63gsuc wrote

And if they succeed? Do you actually want Wagner mercs in charge of Russia? It's just one monster for another. They should be sent to the Hague to answer for their war crimes and imprisoned imo.


deftoner42 t1_j61ihu4 wrote

I read this morning they denied him and sent him back. Lol... he's in trouble.


avpthehuman t1_j61kitk wrote

Quite the opposite, actually. He applied for asylum and will soon be released.

> "The Norwegian police are planning to release a former member of the Russian mercenary group Wagner who was arrested for entering the country illegally after he fled Russia earlier this month, the National Police Immigration Service told local media on Wednesday"


deftoner42 t1_j61lyyz wrote

Ahh my bad, I read it on the r/worldnews live thread, probably a reason why I can't find the post again.


bak3donh1gh t1_j6255uf wrote

The Norwegians will give someone to another state for execution? Look i don't love the russians and any of them in Ukraine should expect to die, but booting someone back will just give the others reasons to stay and fight, or at least die.


Dudelies t1_j628osn wrote

No they will not.


bak3donh1gh t1_j62esg2 wrote

not fight or not leave. Cuz if they cant leave they're either getting executed by their 'commanders' or getting shot/shelled by ukrainians. As execution by sledgehammer is not how I'd want to go. Not that I want to go getting shot by Ukrainian since Slava Ukraine!

Or Norway wont transfer someone with the death penalty, cuz thats whats waiting for the guy. Whether or not Russia admits it on paper or not.

Edit: Ok sorry I misread the response or rather it wasn't clear. He's been released into Norway if I understand correctly.


JustForThisClaps t1_j62pebl wrote

He was arrested for entering the country illegally and will now get released from this arrest.


Dudelies t1_j62f6rc wrote

The Norwegians will not send him back


MerfinStone t1_j62c7zk wrote

I liked that moment when Prigozhin said: "It's hammer time!" and sledged all over the room