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Dudelies t1_j628osn wrote

No they will not.


bak3donh1gh t1_j62esg2 wrote

not fight or not leave. Cuz if they cant leave they're either getting executed by their 'commanders' or getting shot/shelled by ukrainians. As execution by sledgehammer is not how I'd want to go. Not that I want to go getting shot by Ukrainian since Slava Ukraine!

Or Norway wont transfer someone with the death penalty, cuz thats whats waiting for the guy. Whether or not Russia admits it on paper or not.

Edit: Ok sorry I misread the response or rather it wasn't clear. He's been released into Norway if I understand correctly.


JustForThisClaps t1_j62pebl wrote

He was arrested for entering the country illegally and will now get released from this arrest.


Dudelies t1_j62f6rc wrote

The Norwegians will not send him back