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synapticrelease t1_j63fjju wrote

They wouldn't go around making pleas for prisoners if they could just simply pluck them out.


DCrichieelias79 t1_j63gclo wrote

They write stories for the public that they are making pleas for prisoners. Just the same as they write stories that they are only conscripting 300,000 or 500,000 able bodied men of a certain age.

The reality in Russia when they show up with papers to sign is the other hand is holding a hammer.


synapticrelease t1_j63kbum wrote

hm. I'm not buying it.

If it's a big PR thing, then why even write that you're having to dig for prisoners rather than just saying they were patriotic volunteers.

Also, we have the words from captured Wagner forces themselves.


DCrichieelias79 t1_j63m4mh wrote

Those very same wagner POWs are the ones saying the prisoners are basically meatshields sent out to soak bullets. There is zero intent to let them survive. Only the ones with families wealthy enough to pay bribes get to come back alive.


synapticrelease t1_j63rooe wrote

Yes I agree with you. But that’s not the same as what we are talking about.