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grapehelium t1_j6jvwze wrote

I am not sure the PA/PLO is able to make any compromises. None of their leaders can accept a deal that gives them any less than arafat rejected.

In addition the Palestinians have consistently refused numerous offers of a state. As far as I can tell, they Palestinians have never compromised on any of their demands.

I expect they will get a state eventually, but it will be so long until they agree, it will be a fragment of what they could have had.

And then there is the other issue, that they have been unwilling to agree to the Israeli requirement that any agreement be the end of all claims. i.e The Palestinians cannot come back 10 years after a signed agreement and say they also want A,B,C. This is a major problem for them, as many Palestinians see an agreement with Israel as just a first step in reclaiming all of Palestine. As they regularly say - From the river (i.e. Jordan River) to the sea (i.e. mediterranean sea) Palestine will be free. i.e. no more Israel.

(not to mention that Hamas and the PA can't agree on very much, and that Even if Israel were willing to meet all the demands of the PA, Abbas isn't really a legitimate leader, being in the 19th year of his 4 year presidential term....)


ntbananas t1_j6jwqnl wrote

I don't really disagree with what you wrote. To clarify, I was referring to the PLO from the time around the Oslo Accords. While far, far from perfect, that showed they were at least willing to make some sort of compromise. Better and more rational than Hamas et al.

That said, the modern PA has made some compromises with Israel. Not in terms of a lasting peace plan or anything major, but they do generally (outside of particularly large flare-ups like this month) cooperate with Israel on day-to-day matters like minor civil things, taxation, and even limited security cooperation


bhuddistchipmonk t1_j6od2u5 wrote

Doesn’t seem like they’ve been doing much security cooperation recently (hence the recent raids in Jenin)


ntbananas t1_j6ofhxx wrote

True. But that was the case as of a couple months ago