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DeMalgamnated t1_j5sxk6m wrote

what could possibly be the emergency?

our government is dumb. fucking tories...


PomatoTotalo t1_j5syutp wrote

The amount of fucks these people give for money is infinite.


autotldr t1_j5t0frs wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 83%. (I'm a bot)

> The UK government has allowed the emergency use of banned bee-toxic neonicotinoid pesticides in England for the third year in a row just days after the EU ruled out the practice.

> UK farming minister Mark Spencer said the decision came about after recognising the "Potential danger of an outbreak of the beet yellows virus on the nation's sugar beet crop and the impact it could have on the production of UK sugar."

> A representative from the EU sugar industry told EURACTIV they do not see the derogation as a direct threat to EU producers' competitiveness.

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Ehldas t1_j5t9e6o wrote

We would like to thank the UK for offering themselves as a control group for what happens to bee species when one isolated country fails to ban neonicotinoids.


satyriasi t1_j5tda6r wrote

The actual fuck Rishi. You dick


TechnoArcher t1_j5th25k wrote

Time to invest in food companies outside UK, with all the aborted crops in UK they will make a fortune selling food to the people on that island... Good time...


airwalkerdnbmusic t1_j5tw0f3 wrote

Bee numbers have crashed 60% between 2004 and today. Six. Tee. Per. Cent. When there is nothing left to pollinate our crops, blame the morons who thought regressively allowing harmful pesticides was the right thing to do.


kraenk12 t1_j5ub07l wrote

That’s what taking back control looks like!


Mongobuzz t1_j5ukphc wrote

It's fuckin insane being someone who was born in 2004 to experience this drop. When I was young I would marvel at the little buggers flying to all the plants near my house and now I'm lucky to see just a few during the summer. Awful sense of doom to the whole thing.


lastingd t1_j5uw2hh wrote

Tate and Lyle are significant Tory party donors.

They helped pay for the Brexit campaign and received these as rewards: £72M tax free bung from the Tories to allow them to dodge import taxes, humane working conditions and environmental standards by allowing the import of sugar cane. Previously of course EU standards prevented this from being imported into the EU.

And today we find that Tate & Lyle get to destroy the entire UK bee population for their profits. This flies in the face of science and as previously mentioned, every other developed country.

It seems the pennies they bribed the Tories with has paid dividends.