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iiSystematic t1_j6h1c4h wrote

>The sanctions are devastating to China's civilian tech industry, which is nothing to balk at since they're the world's largest manufacturer of civilian electronic goods

This Statement alone doesnt answer my question. It just says China is the largest manufacturer of civilian Electronic goods. Big fucking deal. What do I do with that information. What context do I put it in.

Okay so this is to prevent them from invading Taiwan? Because thats nowhere in the article hence my asking


SuperRedShrimplet t1_j6h1ugw wrote

I edited my response to elaborate a bit more but I guess you responded before I finished that edit.

But basically it actually has very little to do with Taiwan. It's simply not in the US interest for China to be on a projection to rival them in space and supercomputing power. Nothing more nothing less. And as many of the world's semiconductor supply chains are not through China, the US has very little to lose itself by imposing these sanctions.