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jpbarber414 t1_j6hdu34 wrote

More bullshit from the dictatorship in China, while the rest of the world got back on track about 2021 China was still in the backwaters.

For awhile it looked like China was on the right road, they prospered for many years, built up their economy, and then all hell broke loose.

Being greedy gets you know where, economic wise and land grabbing.


my20cworth t1_j6hgbjx wrote

Just say it Hong Kong and stop the bullshit Communist excuses. Protest is banned, CCP has taken over.


nariusone t1_j6i29ax wrote

health of what? The CCP dictatorship .. or just their face?


GlocalBridge t1_j6iu0i4 wrote

Personally I always wear a mask when protesting the evil CCP.


ErectionDenier2024 t1_j6j96ij wrote

Yea, "health" concerns.

They're worried about the health of the CCP. That's what they mean.

They don't give a flying fuck about the "health" of Hong Kong citizens.


Jlpeaks t1_j6jkpmt wrote

If you are a Brit reading this;

This is where all the Tory anti-protest and anti-strike legislation ends up.