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FiendishHawk t1_j6cymgf wrote

Right-wingers blame the left for the crimes of a different set of right-wingers.


Huntin-for-Memes t1_j6fdflh wrote

I think the issue is the right wingers want to fight the other ones and the left wingers won’t let them.


FiendishHawk t1_j6fdo49 wrote

As far as I can tell, the left barely exists in Israel, so they can’t stop anyone doing anything. They are blaming a phantom.


ILuvMemes4Breakfast t1_j6fvwq2 wrote

as an israeli, the left is alive and well lmao. just like a week or so, there was a protest against the new hyper right wing government and that allegedly had north of 80k people in it. the thing is, you have big channels that more right wing people consider to be pretty left wing and that seems to be the deal here. a relatively left leaning channel reporting on the attack and grieving people being upset.


BoringEntropist t1_j6l1vcp wrote

If the left are alive and well, it doesn't reflect at the voting booth. The current opposition for example is dominated by a centrist party. The classical leftist parties barely get enough votes to enter parliament, if at all.


Huntin-for-Memes t1_j6fgzuk wrote

They actually do have a “left” but it’s pretty strictly economic.

I think in this instance they are blaming the western left as a whole. Israel NEEDS western support to survive. They see the western left as the main obstacle holding them back. Now I know this is kinda ridiculous because it’s basically them getting mad that we would well ‘hold them accountable.’ But when you see people dying you get scared so it does make a little more sense.


[deleted] t1_j6d5ylj wrote



FiendishHawk t1_j6d64pi wrote

Not all Muslims are right wing, the mayor of London is a leftist Muslim.


Anier321 t1_j6d6okn wrote

Whataboutism doesn't help anyone, where did he say all Muslims are right wing? He said the religion itself is right winged, as someone who grew up with the religion I agree with him.


FiendishHawk t1_j6d7chx wrote

Religious people tend towards conservatism.


Anier321 t1_j6d7r11 wrote

Which tends to lean right.....


Elanapoeia t1_j6eh9go wrote

Right wing politics is more about enforcing social hierarchies and capitalism, which teeechnically conservatism doesn't have to be about. Of course modern western conservatism is largely regressive which directly means it's trying to re-enforce older harmful social hierarchies. Hence why stuff like liberalism still ends up on a right-wing spectrum, as it's a big defender of capitalism and social hierarchy in practice, even if liberals often think of themselfes as being socially progressive in theory.

Abrahamic religions of course are largely inherently right wing in execution. It's hard to find any western religion that doesn't believe in and preaches the value of social hierarchies and worships some form of capitalism.

Right wing politics and conservatism are more homeostatic rather than intrinsically the same, so to say.

Just additional info on exact definitions, not disagreeing with you.


freemason85 t1_j6d8w6r wrote

Charlie listen here western Muslims appreciate the freedom that the west offers. Read the Qur'an and tell me it's not like the Old testament. You know stoning people to death for adultery and all that jazz. Muslims that grow up in the west are a total 180 from Muslims in Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia or Iran. Hell even Turkey is turning far right when it was once secular.


manfredthefirst t1_j6e1je6 wrote

Hey Iranian here.

Iran's afinity to Islam is very very mixed. It really depends on the area and the family. There has been a major rise of liberalism here alongside calls for a secular democracy. Also a lot of younger people are " Shia Muslims" because their parents chose to put that in their ID when they were kids and changing religion from Islam to anything else is punishable by death.

This especially applies to big cities with a bunch fo internet and illegal VPN providers that can allow unrestricted internet access.


PJJefferson t1_j6cqmel wrote

Any time civilians are attacked, anywhere, there is a lurch to the right politically.

Happens here in the U.S., as well.


BonersMalone69 t1_j6cr4wi wrote

Bingo. The Syrian Civil War is a nightmare for anyone with a shred of empathy and a brain to think with.

Russia was actively bombing the hell out of civilian areas. And the action was designed to drive them to other countries, their hope being they fled to the West. Refugees flood in to Turkey (many go on to Europe), have different values that “clash” with the West, locals get pissed because they don’t understand a fucking thing about what’s happening. Local person is a victim of a crime by a refugee and all hell breaks loose. Politics in affected countries lurch to the right.

My memory of the SCW is foggy, a massive nightmare. This was 2013? 2014? More an ongoing thing for years, rather than one or two years in particular. But a concerted effort really around 2014 or so iirc.


macrofinite t1_j6eyrz1 wrote

I remember it was a pretty big thing during the 2016 election cycle.

My most enduring memory of Gary Johnson’s pathetic campaign was an interview in which a reporter asks him what he thinks of the shelling on Aleppo and his response was “What’s Aleppo?”


Spudtron98 t1_j6dha4a wrote

And I suspect it's being intentionally exploited by both sides of the conflict. Netanyahu and his yahoos have their power more entrenched, and the terrorists get a more openly hostile opponent to point fingers at for international and domestic sympathy when it inevitably kicks off big-time again.


Derzto1 t1_j6d85x3 wrote

Except if the shooter is white in the US, the right wing tends to stay quiet


Jessica65Perth t1_j6gsxlm wrote

If he crosses State Borders to shoot protestors because he feared for his life he becomes a hero, it is a Kyle Shittenhouse America


Crowmetheus57 t1_j6dmjfz wrote

And if the shooter isn't white, it's reversed. What's your point?


VomMom t1_j6em1y6 wrote

Yup. I’ve never heard the left in the US say anything about the gun issue after a person of color commits a shooting.

Oh wait. Of course they bring it up, because it’s a big issue for the left. Race has nothing to do with it for the left. Repugnicans are the ones obsessed with race


goliathfasa t1_j6jn6iv wrote

I haven’t heard a lot of talk about gun reform after this recent Monterey Park shooting. Media has been covering it, but none of the usual hysteria and oversaturated, sensationalized commentary. I actually prefer the relative cool-headedness everyone’s been handling it with this particular tragedy.


Crowmetheus57 t1_j6emopi wrote

There was the one in Colorado a couple of years back with everyone blaming a white dude. It came out that it wasn't a white dude, and then all of a sudden, it wasn't such a big story.


VomMom t1_j6eusvj wrote

Lol what? It’s a big deal every time it happens. America has cultivated a perfect storm of lack of healthcare and readily available guns to the mentally ill. We practically have the right to commit mass murder.


Badmime1 t1_j6ghgzm wrote

Bullshit. It was still a lead story for days.


goliathfasa t1_j6jot2z wrote

Ok I assume the poster above was talking about the Boulder supermarket shooting. I think the point was that the media likes to divide the citizenry at the behest of the ruling class and the easiest way is to do so along ethnic lines. The media loves the narrative of racially-motivated conflict, with endless experts brought on to theorize about all that divides us and all our differences. When it turned out the shooter was an immigrant (and most of the victims were white iirc) the media toned down the coverage. It still lingered in the news cycle like usual, but I distinctly remember the constraints news shows had when discussing it. Completely different from the Charleston church shooting, where news stations ran extensive commentary around the racial motives and implications of the shooting.


WoodPear t1_j6eot2r wrote

Really? When people bring up Chicago's gun violence, the usual deflection is "Well X (city/small town with a higher white %) is worse, statistic wise!"


HutSutRawlson t1_j6erf0m wrote

You’re the one reading race into that. Liberal Americans don’t associate “Chicago” with “non white” in the same way conservatives do.


Lprsti99 t1_j6eruto wrote

No, the usual answer is "No shit, because people just go to places without gun laws to buy guns and bring them into Chicago."


WellHacktually t1_j6g7hvx wrote

Israel and the US don't need much to get them to lurch to the right.


HybridTech_89 t1_j6dco5u wrote

It wouldn’t happen if the media didn’t constantly make the perp out like the real victim. Sometimes you gotta call a spade a spade.


stdio-lib t1_j6clo6m wrote

Plot twists: the leftists already left.


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MijTinmol OP t1_j6cmzp2 wrote

The news crew is Israeli and it was reporting an attack on a synagogue, don't spread misinformation.


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MijTinmol OP t1_j6cocjh wrote

Do you have a serious problem in text comprehension?

I asked Christians and Muslims how they deal with the fear of loved ones who don't share their faith possibly going to hell ACCORDING TO CHRISTIAN/ISLAMIC THEOLOGY.


[deleted] t1_j6cpttg wrote



MijTinmol OP t1_j6cqxmr wrote

Dafuq does it have to do with this incident? Troll


YairJ t1_j6cqqqr wrote

A natural risk to working across the hall from Hamas. They were warned and evacuated, though, and repaid that by lying more.


PJJefferson t1_j6cqt03 wrote

You’re lying about that press building in Gaza.

Israel warned everyone inside the building to get out before it bombed the building, and everyone got out.

They bombed an empty building, because they have morals. You’re lying about it, because you don’t.


autotldr t1_j6cn7b9 wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 89%. (I'm a bot)

> An angry crowd accosted a television news crew in Jerusalem on Saturday, berating the journalists as "Leftists" and telling them to leave the area as the reporters covered a terror attack that happened in the neighborhood the night before.

> The Channel 13 news crew had been broadcasting from the site of a terror shooting that killed seven people and wounded three others in the capital's Neve Ya'akov neighborhood on Friday night.

> Friday's Jerusalem terror attack, carried out near a synagogue during Shabbat, was the deadliest against Israelis in over a decade and ramped up tensions that were already soaring amid ongoing violence between Israel and the Palestinians.

Extended Summary | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: attack^#1 Palestinian^#2 terror^#3 report^#4 Channel^#5


DingusMcBaseball t1_j6eu9pl wrote

the right is always involved in violence and random unprompted hate


A-Rusty-Cow t1_j6fezdb wrote

Yeah the same thing can never be said for the Left theyve never done anything like that.


Jorgwalther t1_j6fhq92 wrote

I usually assume attacks are done by some form of right-winger until otherwise proven, but that’s just simply playing the odds


A-Rusty-Cow t1_j6fiwyg wrote

this explains a lot


Jorgwalther t1_j6fl7oo wrote

It’s not so different when I hear of a local shooting, there is a highest chance probably of the kind of person responsible


A-Rusty-Cow t1_j6flx7d wrote

Yeah someone who is mentally unstable.


Jorgwalther t1_j6fmcgd wrote

I was going to say lower-income, since that is measurable


frosthowler t1_j6g3tl1 wrote

Lower income, lower education, inevitably leads to simple-minded thinking that veers to the right. Right-wing strongmen say things that 'make sense', that 'we've all been thinking', and whatever, and that attracts the layman that thought about those things but lack the mental acumen to think about how the proposed 'solutions' will play out.

Too many non-English speaking people in Britain? Leave the EU, I'm sure that'll curtail immigration. Terror attacks against civilians? Send more forces into Jenin, terrorism will decrease next year for sure, this year was a bust, but yeah, for sure next year. Brown people stealing er jerbs? Build a wall, wow, I'm a fucking genius, nobody else ever considered that, problem solved!

The sad thing is that the left-wing are clueless on how to actually approach the problem, too. Oh yes, let's simply ignore or otherwise create some excuse for why non-assimilating/non-integrating foreigners are perfectly okay and will have no long-term repercussions like every century of history has taught us. Oh yes, of course raiding Jenin wouldn't help, so let's just leave the West Bank, I'm sure unlike Gaza this time it will work out, I'm sure even though there was terrorism before '67, before even '48, for some reason terrorism will stop if we just end the occupation. Of course the flow of illegal immigrants is perfectly fine and has no socioeconomic consequences, you're just racist.

Both sides are utterly clueless. It's not a universal truth, but most things, including all aforementioned issues, come down to socio-economic problems.

Foreigners will have no reason to come to your country if they have no reason to leave theirs. Palestinians wouldn't dare join jihadist organizations if they actually had something they cared enough about to fear losing. Illegal immigrants would have no reason to go to the United States if Mexico's situation was peaceful and stable, wrt the drug war and cartels.

The solution to the first isn't leaving the EU: the solution is the EU. The solution to the second isn't increasing forces or leaving them, it's proper state-building and control of education, religious, and financial institutions a la post-WW2 era occupations that created the modern states of Germany and Japan. The solution to the third is solving the Mexican cartel problem, not building a decorative wall.


Chartax t1_j6i9pgr wrote

The left has plenty of great solutions to problems. However those solutions won’t be even slightly entertained for a moment because they would disrupt the status quo, and more importantly, would lead to those in power losing that power.

The only ideas that the left can offer that fits within mainstream politics are to try to reduce the suffering a bit.


frosthowler t1_j6ialou wrote

The left has no solution to the aforementioned 3 problems. The right-wing don't have solutions either. Both sides just have feel-good solutions for their demographic--for the left, since they're targeting a more educated crowd, it's less of a 'feel-good' and more of a 'feel-superior' as it employs policies that make the demographic feel good to 'know' that your side is good and the other side is evil.

Both sides not only politically benefit from the problem, but also a real solution--addressing the core of the problem--would be quite unpopular for both left and right.

Who in Britain wants to invest in infrastructure and economy of Poland? Neither left nor right. Who wants to dismantle the corrupt PA and take responsibility of Jenin, Ramallah, and so on? Neither left nor right. Who wants to get involved with Mexico's cartels? Neither left nor right.


Chartax t1_j6ibx3c wrote

I’m not sure which “left” you’re referring to, but the left in general does have solutions to these problems, you just don’t know them, I guess.

If you’re referring to political parties then that’s exactly what I mean. There is no real left wing political party in British politics


frosthowler t1_j6ictkp wrote

I'm curious to know what the solutions proposed are? Which issue are you talking about? The only one I can imagine having a proposed left-wing solution is the U.S-Mexican illegal immigrants one, but what solution is exactly proposed? I am only familiar with 'head-in-the-sand' solutions and hail-mary solutions that do not stand the test of ever working in history.


NamelessForce t1_j6g3dex wrote

Yep, like that vicious rightist Stalin. Or Mao. Or Pol Pot.


Screwyourgod t1_j6gmiou wrote

All authoritarians who used Marxist/humanist ideology to cover their hate and greed. Definitely not real communists.


The_Motarp t1_j6gpjbg wrote

Ah yes, the good old "no true communist" fallacy. I suppose you think the French revolutionaries who overthrew the monarchy and instituted the reign of terror were actually right wingers too. The reality is that humans are nasty tribal animals, and if you think that your tribe is immune to that you are not helping, you are making the world a worse place for everyone.


Carwash_Jimmy t1_j6e5bz5 wrote

Defenders of democracy outnumber enemies of democracy 10 to 1. For every theocratic fascist in Israel there are 10 defenders of democracy uniting, organizing and mobilizing to defend equality, safe elections, human rights and justice. Defenders of democracy are always home and we're not going anywhere.


filisterr t1_j6f70aa wrote

And yet, you vote once again for Netanjahu and Ben Gvir.


4th_DocTB t1_j6fm2uo wrote

Really? So everyone in the West Bank and Gaza will get a vote? If that doesn't happen is not a democracy


frosthowler t1_j6g4mrr wrote

When will Mexico get a vote in US elections in your timetable? Or, if you prefer the occupation angle, how come Iraq and Afghanistan got no vote? Or do you believe the State of Palestine doesn't exist and all of the West Bank is Israel?


4th_DocTB t1_j6g5xis wrote

If Palestinians had their own state there wouldn't be settlement building in the West Bank and Israel wouldn't be engaging in ethnic cleansing in East Jerusalem, and Gaza would not be an open air prison that gets bombed regularly.


frosthowler t1_j6gbgr4 wrote

So no answer on voting or about whether the West Bank is a part of Palestine or Israel. Worse, you're just here to preach your ignorance. This is me out of here.


WoodPear t1_j6er2tm wrote

Is "Defenders of democracy" code for Hamas itp? This sounds like something a hamas supporter would say, given that this happened right after shooting up a synagogue


Carwash_Jimmy t1_j6es9ro wrote

Hamas and the current Israeli government are both enemies of democracy. Defenders of democracy support equality, human rights, public education, fair elections and justice.


lucash7 t1_j6fbr3n wrote

Ah yes, idiots in (re)action. 🙄


Not-from t1_j6drhd1 wrote

This is such a pathetic and pointless conflict.

Fuck Religion.

Fantasies that divide.


billybobbaconator t1_j6e8wpg wrote

If your understanding of the Palestine/Israel conflict is “religion bad” then you should probably do more research.


Not-from t1_j6ebmh2 wrote

Oh- so you think if it werent considered 'holy land' they would be fighting over it?

of course there is nuance- doesnt undermine the base point that without those delusions, this wouldnt be a problem


WatermelonRat t1_j6fc266 wrote

If it weren't holy land, both Jews and Palestinians would still view it as their homeland.


WoodPear t1_j6eqp3d wrote

Well gee, has nothing to do with the British, after gaining the land from the Ottoman Empire in WWI, giving it to the Jews.


iknowyouright t1_j6fduhv wrote

More like the British promised the land to both Arabs and Jews and then just fucking left without a transition of power plan, ensuring a war


yawgmoft t1_j6eyfeq wrote

That's just religion was the cause with extra steps


SlightlyCatlike t1_j6f6orj wrote

The initial settlers were very secular. Their motivation was more nationalism than religion


[deleted] t1_j6ewz79 wrote

There Jewish Israeli-arabs who are killing Palestinians, and before The Ultra Orthodox were given special privileges , a majority of them wanted the state of Israel to not exist.

You have no idea what you are talking. Go read some more Atheist literature to make you feel good because you are obviously not going to read about the Strategic importance of the Golan Heights or the privileges distribution of fresh water along ethnic lines


billybobbaconator t1_j6eckh3 wrote

Yes, if you were kicked out of your home you would fight to get it back. Additionally most of Israel’s founders were not religious at all.


4th_DocTB t1_j6fmn0k wrote

Israel was founded by far right nationalists who committed ethnic cleansing when they won. Religion had nothing to do with it.


horsemagicians t1_j6f0ox3 wrote

Everybody is a damn snowflake. People yelling at the reporters and the people commenting on this post.


Second26 t1_j6dl1ym wrote

Its so telling that these are the posts that make it to the top of worldnews after 7 innocents we're killed


MijTinmol OP t1_j6dnerx wrote

I'm Israeli myself, and this was reported by The Times of Israel. Grieving the loss of life shouldn't mean being tempted by Sin'at Chinam.


kaybee915 t1_j6dpnd3 wrote

American propoganda machine is working overtime right now, gotta manufacture support for that Iran war.


UncookedCapacity t1_j6f9xqi wrote

The famously leftist American government 🤨


kaybee915 t1_j6fwvh8 wrote

What? How would you deduce that from my comment? Is world news just bots these days or what?


SmooK_LV t1_j6crs7x wrote

Channel 13 didn't exactly respond well to this.

In one line they say:
“The Channel 13 staff and I are pained and mourn the deaths of those murdered in Jerusalem. We came to tell their story. To report.”
and in the next:
“The violence and blatant racism toward the journalists was unnecessary. It won’t deter us,”


The antagonizing of the public that already receives you poorly won't get you more support. As journalists, you should know that it's an emotional reaction and talking it down will just create more distance. I don't doubt violence was unnecessary but those that see it that way, already know it, and those that see it as defense of their rights, won't change their minds because you accuse them of racism.


Regardless, it's tragic that it happened.


Postcocious t1_j6dg7er wrote

Both statements were appropriate, true and important to say.

They were said in the more respectful order, acknowledging and mourning the horror before protesting the unwarranted attack on themselves.

Adults are responsible for controlling their emotions in public. Only children get to emote without considering the consequences. Your "argument" absolves the attackers of their responsibility as adult members of a society. If we do that, there is no society.