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msemen_DZ t1_j6ivjqn wrote

Oh really? I thought they did it for funsies.


der_titan t1_j6iwggl wrote

It's an important distinction. If Russia views Israel as attempting to impede Russian actions in Ukraine, then it's highly likely Russia will become much more aggressive in taking action against Israeli strikes in Syria that are aimed at disrupting Iranian weapons transfers to terrorists and hostile militias.


GiantAxon t1_j6j9zaz wrote

Agreed. Still, if Russia is giving Iran hypersonic tech I think it's time the gloves game off - Israel needs to arm Ukraine to the teeth in return.


ZiKyooc t1_j6k2jqy wrote

Because Russia will obviously take those public statements as is. Those statements are for general population.


Diltyrr t1_j6m998x wrote

What can Russia do? There's no Israeli hospital or nursery in Syria.


_ZoharArgov_ t1_j6jg6as wrote

Even if it was done in Israel's interests, the attack still also greatly aids Ukraine as it either directly damaged drone or missile development, or at the very least diverted resources from Irani weapon development.

Irani weapons, as we all know, are actively being used by Russia.


upearlyRVA t1_j6j2teb wrote

Why else would they do it?


Darth__Monday t1_j6mj0nj wrote

They’re trying to make it clear that they aren’t taking sides or interfering in the war in Ukraine which would provoke the ire of Russia


Fryceratops t1_j6jdop3 wrote

Does the Mossad work in anyone else's interest other than Israel?


Redditoriuos t1_j6jkdye wrote

If their interests align, yes. Just like every other security service.


ThornsofTristan t1_j6iw777 wrote

"Oh wait, you shot drones at us for your own security...and NOT b/c we're helping Russia? Well, I guess that makes it all right, then!" --Iranian Defense


Ceratisa t1_j6iy280 wrote

It matters to the Russians who this statement was actually directed at.


autotldr t1_j6ivs9s wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 85%. (I'm a bot)

> The drone attack on a defense facility in the Iranian city of Isfahan was carried out by Israel to protect its own security interests, and not to prevent weapons exports to Russia, according to a New York Times report on Sunday.

> The drones have been used in past attacks inside Iran, such as a June 2021 attack on a centrifuge manufacturing center in Karaj, and a February 2022 attack on a military drone storage and manufacturing facility in Kermanshah - attacks which were also attributed to Israel by several media outlets.

> Last week, Israel and the US kicked off a large-scale joint exercise in Israel and over the eastern Mediterranean Sea, reportedly aimed at showing adversaries, such as Iran, that Washington is not too distracted by Russia's invasion of Ukraine and threats from China to mobilize a large military force.

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Phantom_359 t1_j6luuup wrote

>Mossad carried out Iran defense facility strike for Israel's own interests

Next you're going to tell me the sky is blue and grass is green.


Glittering-Jello-935 t1_j6lifr6 wrote

Bibi changing the tune a bit. Seems unexpected


xavandetjer t1_j6m7xim wrote

Changing the tune? It's no secret Israel and Iran aren't exactly friends. Since long before the Ukraine War.


True_Parsnip8418 t1_j6lps72 wrote

Why are these strikes not considered as an attack on their nation by Iran?


EternalPinkMist t1_j6ly0ij wrote

They are, they just can't do anything about it. They have enough domestic issues that attempting more outward military actions while also trying to support their comrades to the North would most likely start spreading them too thin.


Seeking-Something-3 t1_j6lxrif wrote

They can’t do much about it. Israel has nukes and the US security council vote basically gives Israel immunity.


neverfarts t1_j6m38je wrote

They can, supporting terrorist groups surrounding Israel (in Gaza, Lebanon and Syria). Israel routinely attacks weapon deliveries from Iran to these groups, but probably some make it to their destination.


Odd-Koala1290 t1_j6l7af7 wrote

Israel is a girl that has her sugar daddy (US) on one side, and her lover (Russia) she has a hot and cold relationship with.

Both should dump that hoe.


pottyclause t1_j6ofyjp wrote

Russia is the drunk mom who used to be a talented piano player but now is so lost that they beat their kids, wondering why life seems so bad. America is the vocal and seeming to be well intentioned psychopath that will advocate for their enemies enemies freedoms while denying them to their own family.

Israel is the abused kid that got kicked around really hard by its parents and it’s peers. Now that kid is now an adult who is both traumatized from the conditions of its birth and unable to recognize its own pattern of abuse that fucked it up in the first place. Israel needs some serious culture therapy to get out of this one.

Palestinians are the other abused kid. Never given recognition, this kid is driven to perpetuate the abuse knowing that no one will stick up for them. Fighting is easier when your abusive parents only praise you for fighting and not for self-improvement.

Now between the kids, you’ve got two fucked up kids fighting for a toy on the playground. One set of parents (abusive) say, “honey play nice if you want the toy”. The other set of parents (abusive) is saying, “fuck that, fight back for the toy”. The analogy I’m trying to draw out is that Russia is decrepit glory, America is manipulative freedom, Israel is the POS kid who could be a crooked politician, Palestine is the kid that keeps getting thrown in detention because they resort to violence. Each has its own set of issues and limitations, each contributes to their own situation, all would be better solved if everyone took their hands out of the pot


Odd-Koala1290 t1_j6oh82x wrote

People don't want to admit Russia is close to Israel. I don't mind the down votes. Russian is the 3rd most spoken language in Israel, after Hebrew and Arabic, and before English.

There's a reason Ukraine is getting no military aid from one of the most powerful militaries in the world.

Any who, back to your good vs evil programing...


pottyclause t1_j6oit9s wrote

Guess so but there’s still more to it. Israel is diplomatically restrained from helping due to Russia’s dominance over Syria. As we’ve seen, the vibe on the ground is changing regarding Israel helping Ukraine but still they’re avoiding full weapon systems.

Nothing should justify letting Russia invade Ukraine but rather there are decisive actions that would escalate warfare.

Role play: Israel sends dope ass weapons to Ukraine Russia stops allowing Israel to destroy weapons shipments bound for Lebanon/Gaza Israel may declare war on Iran or push further into Syria to guarantee security The US provides military aid to Israel will lead to direct confrontations of the US and Russian army

aaaaand World War I’m not saying this is how it must go down, but a reasonable guess of why Israel is in a bind with Russia.


Odd-Koala1290 t1_j6oju93 wrote

So we're worried about a proxy war with Russia in Syria might turn into ww3 but we're fighting a proxy war in Ukraine against Russia with NATO and top western weapons?

Israel doesn't want to piss off Russia, that has strong to trade relations with its enemies I get it.

But the same is historically true for Europe and the US.

The west has helped Israel through it's entire history, at some point they have to get off the fence.


pottyclause t1_j6ol2ud wrote

Hmm I suppose the trade off between a proxy war of Russia/Israel and Russia/NATO becomes moot once NATO actually gets involved (new as of the past few months). Russia has been fanning threats of using their Nukes, so that is ultimately the deciding factor of when a world war starts. If NATO involvement drives Russia nuclear, then the status quo of the Middle East is thrown and Israel would join with NATO forces. In my view


Odd-Koala1290 t1_j6opsof wrote

Yes, things have changed quickly. The world is picking sides, but some are taking a "wait and see" approach, some are playing both sides. But the actions of a country define it. I hope Israel is able to join the "western world".