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Fit-Somewhere1827 t1_j6memp4 wrote

When something good is written about Israel it's always so empty in the comment section.


sndwav t1_j6mi681 wrote

And massively downvoted. They need to bury these type of posts to keep up with their propaganda which recruits good people who are tricked into thinking they are "helping the underdogs".


oripash t1_j6mjb8j wrote

The people who strangely repeat the Kremlin and Iranian scripts have better things to do than comment on this.

Act surprised.


TheGarbageStore t1_j6nzimt wrote

People here come for hard hitting Ukraine stories, they don't want to read about Israel building a hospital.


fima1fim t1_j6mjy3x wrote

Why da fuck is this downvoted? this is a good thing people, hospitals are good things!

>“The collaboration with Sheba Medical Center makes the hospital a center of innovation, which will bring world-class medical research and technology to Bahrain to enable young people and Bahraini entrepreneurs to take advantage of innovation opportunities in health."

This is a good thing! new treatments can come out of this, this is how we as humanity advance our ability to heal and save lives in general world-wide!