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onlyfacts2000 t1_j6p7jbg wrote

Actually solved the water issues with technology, and even help another struggling country on the way.

An amazing achievement that could be duplicated to improve the lives of billions across the world.


KLFFan t1_j6phud0 wrote

Now this is what the world needs more of, desalinization plants ultimately powered by solar energy.

We need them in California and Africa and other places that are drought prone (and those places are usually good for solar power, too)


mistervanilla t1_j6pj4bk wrote

We basically need them everywhere. The Netherlands, the literal drain pipe of Europe, has been experiencing record droughts and low ground water level in the last few years. Current rains have brought it up a bit again, but we're still no-where close to where it should be.


[deleted] t1_j6pgac8 wrote



False_Fondant8429 t1_j6pitk7 wrote

We want a total free palestine under loving rule of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hesbollah, PLO among other peace loving NGO's

We absolutely hate good deeds from the Israeli's as it makes them look humane compared to us