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Web_Automatic t1_j6gfyg5 wrote

We gave him so much shit how he blown through it all already


brooksram t1_j6gks4t wrote

I'm not sure if you have seen, But Ukraine is actually at war right now.

There are hundreds of thousands of armed soldiers in their country, actively trying to blow all their shit up and kill them.

/s ..... OP , this one's for you.


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brooksram t1_j6gmyf7 wrote

Good lord. Are you always like this or did someone just kill your cat or something? This app you joined is literally created for discussion. If you're not up for it, and it appears you may not be, why are you here?


Djentleman420 t1_j6gk63f wrote

War and shit eh


Web_Automatic t1_j6gkm1b wrote

Valid, I get that but still crazy that even with all this support, they are getting blasted. And this isn't even if Belarus joins in, which is very close to their capital.


TazBaz t1_j6goevx wrote

They’re getting drip fed heavy equipment vs the thousands of Russian tanks that’re rolling out from Russia’s reserves. 12 HIMARS and (promised) 24 western MBT’s really aren’t that significant vs thousands of Russian tanks and artillery.


Nerevarine91 t1_j6gtjnq wrote

The Belarusian Army has about 10,000 professional soldiers, and a budget that’s literally only 1% of the Russian military budget


eypandabear t1_j6hgfc4 wrote

You have a completely warped understanding of attrition rates in a “proper” war between nation states, which this is.


ralfp t1_j6if23u wrote

Belarus is a joke of an army that still includes horse-pulled interwar-era artillery in their tallies.


Lazorgunz t1_j6gkvsl wrote

russia alone lost more troops in a year than all allies in korea, vietnam and the gulf.

the shit we send will get destroyed eventually, especially shit that goes to the front lines. our APCs, IFV, even MBTs will be lost en masse after they are sent, because they fight until they are destroyed.

Its not about getting through the gear we give, its making sure the toll on the ruzzians is way higher per lost piece of equipment, and in that regard, its working

the war is at an intensity we in the west are just no longer familiar with


Scary-Poptart t1_j6gpben wrote

Not necessarily that simple. I don't think Ukraine has really tried going on the offensive that much during this war(edit: *warm) winter, because of the soft ground. I think they're accumulating forces for a rapid push in Spring. Still, ammunition is very easy to blow through, russia has stockpiles from the Soviet Union.


Turbofox23 t1_j6hbotv wrote

Vehicles and armaments are meant to be expendable, people, on the other hand, you can't replace them so quickly.