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Abizuil t1_j6gxea6 wrote

A slow grinding one, but yes, they are on the offensive.


SuperRedShrimplet t1_j6h08ah wrote

This was always going to happen. This is likely going to be a multi-year war. Some even project that it will last up to a decade. And even when it's "over" it's going to have generational impacts as well.


Baneken t1_j6h61i4 wrote

If the war keeps going more than 2 years It's going to be the end of Russia... Assuming Ukraine can hold as well as it has done so far.


SuperRedShrimplet t1_j6hmq9v wrote

Unfortunately for Ukraine, historically Russia fights until it can't and their MO is to just keep throwing bodies at the problem.


HuntSafe2316 t1_j6hn3au wrote

Unfortunately, Russia is extremely determined and will fight to the last man