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restore_democracy t1_j5kgxzf wrote

If you want to overthrow a government, take out the health minister. They’ll never be able to function.


AmIFromA t1_j5kyxf6 wrote

For context, he's probably the most hated politician in those circles due to his work for strict measures during the pandemic (which was how he got the job in the first place).


Syntai t1_j5lh9dy wrote

This is so true.

I have friends and colleagues all arround the german politics spectrum.

3 people I know, which are very strong AfD supporters, basically dunk on Karl Lauterbach and Baerbock on a daily basis. Did a bit of research and it seems like most AfD supporters hate him because he (and Drosten) are basically the faces of the "Pro-Vaccine" movement regarding corona (you can compare them to Fauci) and most AfD voters are "Anti War" (Which usually means against supporting Ukraine. The classical: Not our problem - rhetoric) and Anti-Vax.

So a dude positivly speaking about the vaccine is a target in their eyes.

I've also heard one of them talking about "How the Reichsbürger are the only ones still being brave enough to speak their mind" and bs like that. The whole far-right/AfD movement here is ... well it's like in most other countries. They are brainwashed bots.