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Teddy_Kay_Gee_Bee t1_j61wo1z wrote

I hope those oil companies can get that sweet sweet Texas T while they can. /s I hope I never live long enough to see this planet become uninhabitable. Feel horrible for those who do and tried to not kill Earth.


thankful-wax-5500 t1_j69rqt0 wrote

There are other planets in the Galaxy. Maybe it's a good thing we won't pass the filter, imagine if we discover FTL travel while we have imperialism.


Ninjaboi91 t1_j629oz0 wrote

When are we ACTUALLY going to have climate action and consequences for companies that destroy our planet??? For FUCKS SAKE the science and data has been around for decades, fuck their profits we are all dying!


HensonMenson t1_j62gwnj wrote

We're not, humans are stupid primates, same biological class as rodents, throughout history we've expanded used resource then expanded again. We're not capable of rapid change as a collective, short of some technological miracle the world is going to be a much shit tier place for mamallia in the coming century and beyond.


noobductive t1_j62vyg7 wrote

Other primates don’t pull this shit.

This is part of being human.


wart365 t1_j631045 wrote

It'll happen the moment you accept a new nuclear power plant down by your local Walmart and all Walmart items being required to participate in a company buyback program for clean/safe disposal and recycle as is done for batteries and tires. It'll happen whenever you accept the necessity of waiting for the bus and permitting construction of a railroad, truck terminal and auto wrecker near your local Caddilac dealership.

I'm being facetious but you get the idea. The sorts of compromises required are too much for the average person to accept. By the time it does matter, people will just accept that birds went extinct, that gardens can't be made without special chemicals, or that rain is toxic. The sort of world where standing outside for more than 20 minutes is dangerous due to ozone depletion and reproduction requires special drugs to offset microplastics in breast milk. This is already happening in parts of the US and they are begging Trump to take america back, build the wall, and stop the liberals from taking away plastic bags.


beebog t1_j63le2a wrote

i don’t think the average consumer has even close to as much responsibility as large companies. if we all reduced our carbon footprint to zero as average people, we’re still on the fast track to global extinction


helpless9002 t1_j643vkh wrote

>When are we ACTUALLY going to have climate action and consequences for companies that destroy our planet???

Only when said companies start losing money for destroying the planet, instead of profiting.

But here in Brazil when we fight against the people who destroy the forest, we are called "communists" and shut down.


autotldr t1_j62048s wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 82%. (I'm a bot)

> Two new scientific review articles by international teams of researchers paint a bleak picture of the state of the Amazon rainforest: The critical ecosystem is being damaged at an unprecedented pace, they warn, which may usher in "a qualitatively different global climate regime" with grievous effects on biodiversity and human welfare.

> Specifically, they compared how fast humans are changing the Amazon with the speed at which other natural processes are affecting it.

> Brazil's recently elected president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, has pledged to safeguard the Amazon after damage to the rainforest accelerated under his predecessor, Jair Bolsonaro.

Extended Summary | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: Amazon^#1 research^#2 change^#3 biodiversity^#4 human^#5


carcinoma_kid t1_j63zlsc wrote

‘Deteriorating’ as if it’s not being actively destroyed. ‘I swear, I didn’t touch it! It’s been deteriorating for decades!’


CapoOn2nd t1_j63h0l4 wrote

I thought This was no 1 in Lulas list to stop


Corrupted_G_nome t1_j659pj6 wrote

Lol... We know... Its the same story everywhere