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_scrapegoat_ t1_j5z86ey wrote

Literally everything as per Russia stokes tension. It's amazing how they are even living with this much tension. Their BP must be 420 by now


nariusone t1_j5z81h8 wrote

said the murderous invader.


OldBoots t1_j5z9s05 wrote

Russia is the one stoking tensions. They know it. They're just professional bullshit artists and propagandists.


zwaaa t1_j5zilpw wrote

Russia needs to order a great big glass of shut the hell up.


sa_seba t1_j5zfkxa wrote

How will this affect Turkey's ambitions though?


the_clam_farmer t1_j5znzpl wrote

Russia already did fuck all when fighting renewed in 2020, despite being a member of CSTO with Armenia. Azeris even shot down a Russian Hind a day before the "peace deal" ended that round of clashes and they got off with an "oops, my bad".

Iranian influence on the Armenian side is a bigger threat/deterrent to Turkish designs in the area.


sa_seba t1_j5zy6dd wrote

Russia did fuck all, after having talks with Turkey. If Turkey archived its goal there, then they will be fine with this here step by the EU. Iran is a player here as well, but Russia and Turkey are holding the bigger cards.


the_clam_farmer t1_j61e4p2 wrote

I get what you mean but things have changed since 2020. With Russia bogged down in Ukraine, I find it far fetched that they could contribute significant material/personel support elsewhere. Maybe they could provide very limited ISR to Armenia, but again they are buying weapons and platforms off Iran, and ammunition from North Korea for use in Ukraine.


United_Mention9079 t1_j5zim4o wrote

You have to read the title correctly, “it (Russia) will stoke tensions”.


recockulous-too t1_j61v44j wrote

I didn’t realize there was any tensions between Russia and Europe.

Just in case /S


SuspiciousStable9649 t1_j61z82i wrote

What’s the best way to convey braying donkey laughter in text form?


realnextpresident t1_j62cc7r wrote

Please stop reporting the crazy rantings of the mentally unfit dictator as fact.