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yolkadot t1_j6hipie wrote

Terrorism is so stupid… nobody will think: oh yeah, that’s a really great cause these guys are fighting for. I really like how they don’t mind killing innocent people for their cause…

There must be better ways to communicate than terrorism!


Mirathecat22 t1_j6hnt89 wrote

You’d think so yet people still join terrorist grouped


rd_rd_rd t1_j6ibhkn wrote

If they smart or at least have enough common sense they won't be a terrorist in the first place, sadly this people are brainwashed to believe that murdering people that against their believe would result heaven and some shit.

Not to mention terrorists usually living in poor condition, so they got nothing to lose and went straight to the after life in hoping to "collect their prize".


LucienSatanClaus t1_j6idfqy wrote

It's even more stupider when states sponsor them - and then it inevitably comes to bite them.


AveryLazyCovfefe t1_j6ix0n1 wrote

And the thing is, the reason for blowing up the mosque is even more stupid. Its probably just the Pakistani Taliban getting angry that the 'wrong Islam' is being practiced instead of their extreme-to-the-core version of it. They're to trying to increase their presence in the region as they want to pressure the government to give in and split the country to give a seperate country for them.


slckening t1_j6lnu9n wrote

They are extremists, they don't care. In their heads there is conspiracy and everyone is wrong and they are the only ones who are right and they'll stop at nothing to achieve their goals.