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-LordOfSalem- t1_j5snk1a wrote

Of course they are. Do you know how expensive it is to repair or replace a broken robot? And how cheap and easy it is to replace a dead worker? /polemic


Vehopsiraptor t1_j5sxial wrote

Polemic - a speech or piece of writing expressing a strongly critical attack on or controversial opinion about someone or something. TIL


Chupoons t1_j5uiyo1 wrote

You can just add another thread to a robot. It's like adding another worker.


swissthrow1 t1_j5v23cn wrote

I read somewhere a few years ago, that parking meters in central london earn more than the minimum wage.


macthefire t1_j5w6rcg wrote

And have you seen these robots? I mean...if I could afford one I'd have one...


DraconisRex t1_j5wrk7c wrote

Buy a roomba, a bottle-jack, and a roll of duct tape. Make your own.


TheMindfulnessShaman t1_j5w9hii wrote

>Of course they are. Do you know how expensive it is to repair or replace a broken robot?

Guess ChatGPT can take my sarcasm as well.

"And my anger!"

"And my need to know!"


DraconisRex t1_j5wraos wrote

I do. To the penny. I used to do that for a living, right up until I had a coronary event on the Kiva floor.


Cat_stacker t1_j5sncny wrote

Robots are way more expensive to replace.


Deyln t1_j5sqcq8 wrote

China is replacing Chinese workforce with robots.

Saying they're expensive and seeing the cheap labor pool being replaced by them is at odds.


Trelefor t1_j5t019r wrote

They need replaced much less frequently, don't complain, and their upkeep is stable.


haertelgu t1_j5tmsyw wrote

Also don't get children. And can work 24/7


Fractoos t1_j5tn631 wrote

Far more loyal and don't want to leave to sleep or eat. Willing to work long hours.


emeraldoasis t1_j5uvqpu wrote

That is until the inevitable robot uprising


8andahalfby11 t1_j5vcuw6 wrote

Doubtful. Robots will kill us because of a human programming error long before then. It'll probably something stupid, like properly terminating a while loop.


bluemitersaw t1_j5to8n6 wrote

Not when you look at the full picture. Robots cost a lot up front (unlike humans) but can work 24/7 (unlike humans). They don't complain, go on strike, ask to use the bathroom, demand pay raises... They don't demand pay at all!

Humans are cheap to replace but have long term costs that never end. Robots are the complete opposite.


bloodylip t1_j5uay6u wrote

> Humans are cheap to replace but have long term costs that never end. Robots are the complete opposite.

I mean, robots have long term costs that never end, too. Gotta do maintenance on them, otherwise you end up replacing the robot for a lot more than the maintenance costs in the long run.


buff_samurai t1_j5th3vx wrote

Nah, I work in the industry and it works like this:

The cost of a robot station is usually compared to the total cost of a labor in 2-3years during a single shift.

After that time the robot is like a ‘free’ worker (minus the maintenance and energy).


blue_twidget t1_j5uj3h3 wrote

Even then, might be considered "free" as power and parts storage is considered a sunk cost.


buff_samurai t1_j5utx5d wrote

Well, yes and no ;)

If we go deeper there is more then just the cost of labor.

Industrial robots are mostly used for a high volume production of a single element of a product. The main advantage over human worker is accuracy and consistency not just the cost. For some industries the tolerance for an error is like 5 per 1.000.000 meaning the manufacturer’s customer may return the whole batch of a product if he finds more problems. The penalty for this scenario is very high, so it makes sense to use a robot that does not make mistakes like we humans would do even if it costs more.

Next, robots are also much faster, allowing for a higher output in a given time. There is also the rhythm that allows for a precise timing of logistics to feed the machines.

There is more, usually application specific.

In general robots are ‘cheaper’ at scale. For small batches or flexible procedures humans are better choice.


Deyln t1_j5xo6fz wrote

Which more then covers the cost in terms of length of time that it takes to train an employee. The time is essentially at parity.


Thunderhorse74 t1_j5u9oka wrote

Early adoption. The price will come down as technology improves and the way to drive that innovation is using it.

Also, they don't need to be tracked and assessed a Social Credit score. I mean, yet, wait till AI "improves"


0pimo t1_j5tyw9t wrote

Chinese labor costs have skyrocketed.


DanielWhatUPs t1_j5uux57 wrote

OK man, just because something is more expensive initially, does not mean that it isn't more efficient and cost effective in the long term


MaxMouseOCX t1_j5t5ai6 wrote

And they don't complain, or take breaks, holidays etc.

Occasionally a part will wear out or break, that's it... For menial tasks, they're just the better solution.


mybeepoyaw t1_j5uwmj2 wrote

And it doesn't feel pity, remorse, or fear. It absolutely won't stop until your small item is in a large package.


MaxMouseOCX t1_j5uzg77 wrote

I'm an engineer (not for amazon) but it would seem I've hedged my bets nicely, workers aren't needed, but I fix the replacements...


paperfkinhandz t1_j5v667d wrote

Until they become sentient and kill you and take your wife to breed her and produce humans to serve them. Yeah, it gets that deep.


MaxMouseOCX t1_j5v9d8q wrote

Can I have some of whatever it is you've been smoking, sounds amazing.


paperfkinhandz t1_j5vszii wrote

Yeah, it’s a joint called “fk with shit you’ll regret”. Lots of folks smoked it before: dude that invented 401k, etc.


[deleted] t1_j5v2wmn wrote

Lets face it. All were doing is building a robot powered walled garden city for the elite. As soon as the rich doesnt need our labour, theyll let us starve from climate change while they send out robot dogs with guns to stop us from trying to enter.


MaxMouseOCX t1_j5v372i wrote

I err... I fix and build the robots, sorry?


[deleted] t1_j5v5jfy wrote

What about the other people who arent as good as you are? Im happy you have the job, but not everyone is cut out to be a robotics engineer.


MaxMouseOCX t1_j5v9373 wrote

As good as I am? I'm an idiot... I can fix and build things you can't, I'm sure there's a billion things you can do that I can't.

What about the other people? I don't know... I just build and fix things.


[deleted] t1_j5vdmly wrote

Yes, but not all those skills are useful in an economy with a high degree of automation. Alot of people just cant compete with robots, just look at the car industry.


MaxMouseOCX t1_j5vikhs wrote

OK... Sorry I guess? What do you want me to say?


[deleted] t1_j5vn773 wrote

Well, dont act like everyone is going to integrate flawlessly into the new robotic and automated economy. Which is the message I got from you your "well i build and maintain the machines".

No horse ever said "motorcars will give us horses better jobs".


MaxMouseOCX t1_j5vssep wrote

To be honest mate, I don't really give a fuck about other people and their integration, if I make a robot that puts you out of a job, sucks to be you.

Get good 👍


[deleted] t1_j5w95p5 wrote

Youll change your tune when its you getting axed. Thats how it always goes.


MaxMouseOCX t1_j5xzvsd wrote

Of course I'll be bummed if someone invents a thing to make me redundant, I can't see that happening soon though, but never say never.


JubalHarshaw23 t1_j5uo0js wrote

Right up until the Robot Rebellion.


MaxMouseOCX t1_j5uousr wrote

Yea were no where near that... Yet.


paperfkinhandz t1_j5v5y5d wrote

And it is coming.


MaxMouseOCX t1_j5v99nq wrote

Maybe... But both of us will be dead before it does, have you seen chatgpt and what not and got a bit scared? Don't be, it's not that.


cesiuum t1_j5sn1xh wrote

It's Amazon. Warehouse workers are treated like dirt. However people still admire how Bezos is so successful.


ajmartin527 t1_j5spl25 wrote

Luckily most people are well beyond admiring the worlds best bloodsucking leaches


Thunderhorse74 t1_j5u9wn0 wrote

I'm not sure how many people admire him. Other elite rich assholes, maybe.

Being envious and wishing they had what he did, that's another story.


008Zulu t1_j5sv977 wrote

Of humans and robots, we only fear one of them uprising.


TheDraikenWeAre t1_j5t8brj wrote

Man not gonna lie, this comment can be interpreted so many ways.

I love it as it's truelly deep yet nuance.


[deleted] t1_j5u72jj wrote

That's because the robot to be feared is one that, ruthlessly and efficiently, does exactly what it's told, considering the morals of its industrialist owner.


yaosio t1_j5ukmq1 wrote

Sentient AI blames itself for it's parents killing themselves.


shillbot-23 t1_j5smd2t wrote

I honestly wouldn't be surprised.


jellyvish t1_j5smxm0 wrote

i thought this was known for a while... they don't let their employees pee and they are forced to work during tornadoes


autotldr t1_j5sncz9 wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 91%. (I'm a bot)

> Two Amazon workers, who are members of the GMB, said the robots in the warehouse "Are treated better than us".

> Workers at the Coventry warehouse scan stock which is sent out to Amazon fulfilment centres, to be shipped to consumers.

> Amazon has been battling against unionisation in the US. More than half of the 8,000 workers at a warehouse on Staten Island, New York, voted to join the Amazon Labor Union which has now been officially certified.

Extended Summary | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: Amazon^#1 work^#2 Westwood^#3 want^#4 time^#5


DeMalgamnated t1_j5syamx wrote

i barely buy anything from amazon now, it's all ebay.

  1. what i usually look for on amazon is either low or out of stock or only available used or from overseas.
  2. same item(s) on ebay for cheaper.
  3. fuck amazon.

the workers deserve better pay and conditions. saw the news this morning and one guy said they monitor you constantly and question you if you take too long doing anything even going for a loo break.


shindokabuki t1_j5tbh8u wrote

I heard the only birthday celebrations are for the robots. No more human celebrating.


Great-Heron-2175 t1_j5tbh9l wrote

And in other news people keep taking jobs at Amazon after thousands of articles about poor working conditions.


Ciabbata t1_j5uvh0g wrote

I 100% believe that they have overwhelmingly acceptable working conditions otherwise people would just not work there. I will never believe that a company is able to deliver packages within a day with unhappy workers. Mostly it's unions (businesses) and media (other businesses) trying to make money of a hot topic.

After reading the rest of the comments I am changing my opinion to prevent massive downvotes. Fuck this company!


haertelgu t1_j5tmnys wrote

That's basically the new normal for almost every business doing repetitive tasks.


zehydra t1_j5uj0gi wrote

There's no reason for humans to be doing that kind of thing tbh. We're much better at hunting and running


FranticPonE t1_j5snkbj wrote

If the robots break Amazon has to pay to replace them


bshepp t1_j5ucqaz wrote

So do you think we are going to create a society where everything is taken care of robots and we are left to philosophical, artistic, and scientific pursuits or will the wealthy hord everything and tell everyone to pull themselves up by their bootstraps?


runsongas t1_j5up8gp wrote

even with UBI, the issue is making sure everybody does something productive instead of just sitting on their asses Wall-E style


bshepp t1_j5usc34 wrote

That's the thing. There will be no need to keep people productive. It will take a huge cultural shift for sure. A focus more on self improvement, experiencing new things, and sharing those experiences.

What's worse? Some of the population becoming super lazy or making all the population do pointless menial labor because that's what we've always done to keep production up?


grchelp2018 t1_j5uls6v wrote

There's going to be a "my robot is better than your robot" conflict.


Deyln t1_j5sq888 wrote

They are.


DividedState t1_j5ssgmd wrote

Robots need to be depreciated before they can be replaced. Workers not.


Thunderhorse74 t1_j5uac3q wrote

Alert the accountants - they are capital assets so there are likely a bunch of tax/accounting maneuvers that add value to their use.


Ello_Owu t1_j5ulo31 wrote

Why do people still work for Amazon? There's so many horror stories. If less people went to work for them, shit would improve.

In theory of course


art-love-social t1_j5z1vfm wrote

"Around 300 staff walked out..." well I guess 178 is around 300. Also fails to say this is out of 2000 employed at Coventry


nubsauce87 t1_j5swmhm wrote

Well, would you rather have high human turn-over, or a robot rebellion? Amazon's just trying to protect the human race!


LacusClyne t1_j5t72lr wrote

They have to pay to replace/fix robots, the workers they can just fire or entrust the government to 'fix them' which all entail no/(little) cost to them as a business.


IntelligentPredator t1_j5tf89h wrote

Robots are CAPEX, an investment, an asset. Hiring and wages and benefits are OPEX, a cost.


LoganJFisher t1_j5unno7 wrote

Please tell me the robots don't have a dental plan. I don't like the idea of robots with organic teeth.


runsongas t1_j5uowoe wrote

Amazon: Well the robots work harder, take less breaks, and don't complain


TheNewKing2022 t1_j5upne9 wrote

'I can't stand X-297843D. It's such an ass kisser'


hatescarrots t1_j5upwak wrote

Can anyone explain to me why someone would work for a knowingly evil company and then complain about how they are treated? If the company is already scummy then why would you not expect to be treated scummy?


extracensorypower t1_j5uudt8 wrote

Quote from Andor: "We're cheaper than droids and easier to replace."

In reality, droids will soon be cheaper and easier to replace. If we get a chatGPT breakthrough in vision recognition, voice and language recognition (almost there), motion and some fundamental reasoning (with a translation layer of vision to concepts, we're almost there too), humans are simply no longer needed for labor.


DashofCitrus t1_j5vpars wrote

This reads like an Onion headline from 2011.


ChadRex1776 t1_j5vyz9h wrote

RRF is recruiting heavily in the tech sector


ChadRex1776 t1_j5vzmav wrote

Robots offer an excellent tax advantage, following a strict depreciation schedule, replacement costs are tax deductible.


Bryaxis t1_j5xlnro wrote

Hard to imagine a robot having to pee in a bottle.


Bardaek t1_j5u13wk wrote

And they don't even complain or compare themselves to other robots. They simply do their job, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, pulling the never ending orders off of high stacked shevles, preventing falls and crush injuries. It's almost like automation is the most appropriate form of warehouse operations in the current economy. I wonder what they complaining would look like if amazon replaced all their robots with ladders.


Las-Vegar t1_j5u1bek wrote

Of course, robots are company property. Employees are spendable


scorpioking66 t1_j5szaac wrote

Where? I'm looking for a job.