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macross1984 t1_j66g0u7 wrote

Hungary is just another pain in the neck for EU. Cutting off further EU funding might be in order.


Shiningtoaster t1_j66l2ho wrote

EU having to go through this circus of hostage situations almost monthly with Orban is major clusterfuck, can we just oust Hungary for good?


MrOOFmanofbelgum t1_j66vkwb wrote

Ousting Orbán would be better


MGMAX t1_j67aylr wrote

Fixing world hunger would be cool to, if we're talking about impossible undertakings


gofundyourself007 t1_j67ldaf wrote

Lol funny you bring that up because we already harvest enough food to resolve that issue. The cia can topple govt’s in SA why can’t they in EU. I’m not saying that’s the best strategy just that it’s not impossible.


pearastic t1_j67p3f4 wrote

I would unironically support the CIA ousting or even killing him at this point. Fucker will keep getting elected until the end of time otherwise, we can't vote him out.


MGMAX t1_j67tmxf wrote

Same as with food to feed everyone on the planet - we already have enough bullets to deal with Orban too, it's just that nobody would do it


gofundyourself007 t1_j6a9j2m wrote

And like I said that was just the thought on the top of my mind. I’m sure there’s less violent or easier options to try first. But if there’s a lot of pressure and Orban is still obstructing it’s easier changing leadership than changing the status of a country in Nato. In both those cases the main thing that is missing is the will to resolve the challenge.


doctor-falafel t1_j67z5z3 wrote

He was democratically elected. Say what you want but some of this is on Hungarians too.


Mend1cant t1_j682puv wrote

But he wasn’t though. He lost the last election


doctor-falafel t1_j683bg0 wrote

Could you expand more? His party got over 54% of all votes.


ZealousidealWash5800 t1_j68c8bg wrote

EU insist that the election was rigged, not by any tangible metric, but by orbans populist rhetoric


Dardlem t1_j69mhgn wrote

Is there anything EU could do about it? Like, declaring him an illegitimate president? Or this has to be handled by Hungarians/opposition?


macross1984 t1_j66n5uc wrote

It is one thing for nation to leave on its accord like Britain but ejecting a country? That will be another first but probably won't happen.


SoUnProfessional t1_j676wdf wrote

Orban like Erdogan is looking for anything provocative to distract from economic issues.

The news today of Hungary’s being downgraded by S&P will add to Orban’s problems and he’ll be more provocative.


Emotional-Coffee13 t1_j66kdj4 wrote

The GOP’s idol Orban


Jimmy_Twotone t1_j67v2av wrote

They stopped talking about him so much when he started sliding from nationalist populist to authoritarian dictatorship.


velvetretard t1_j6a83sr wrote

They just started incorporating him into their spank bank.

>"Mother Russia, what a strong fascist penis you have!" Orban exclaimed sensually.

>"All the better to Putin your democracy's butt." the diminutive dictator replied sultrily.

>The writhing orange man awakes, ejaculating.


Pira_ t1_j67axs8 wrote

What did he say exactly? The article doesn’t say


onlinesens t1_j67ivzl wrote

“Ukrainian foreign ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko, writing on Facebook, said Orban had told reporters that Ukraine was a no man's land and compared it to Afghanistan.”

From the article


Pira_ t1_j67rc2i wrote

Yeah, I mean, I'm definitely not a fan of Orban's government, but "Reuters writing about a spokesman writing that Orban told a guy that Ukraine = Afghanistan" isn't the most reliable of sources, especially because I can't find any other proof that that happened - I watched yesterday's interview and he said nothing about it
At one point last year Ukraine even accused Hungary of knowing about the Russian invasion beforehand, and that they would have offered Carpathian Ruthenia had Hungary cooperated

So, on the one hand, yes, Orban is a national populist with that sprinkle of 1910 irredentism that is constantly worrying the rest of Europe, on the other hand it is also true that there is a 30-year-old controversy over the teaching of Hungarian to the minority in western Ukraine. Read that as - the two countries don't have the friendliest of relations

In my opinion Hungary is what's holding European cooperation back, but someone in a righteous mind shouldn't result in unconfirmed or fake news to prove their point

I simply think that these kind allegations need to have more solid foundations before we can deem them as true pieces of news


soulseekerz t1_j67zqfb wrote

Viktor Orbán received a group of 15 foreign journalists attending the Mathias Corvinus Collegium media conference at the Carmelita on Thursday evening. The discussion was also attended by Rod Dreher, Editor-in-Chief of the American Conservative, who summarised Orban's answers to the journalists' questions.

On the Russian-Ukrainian war, Orbán said that he believes the West must understand that Putin cannot afford to lose, and will not lose, because there will be new elections next year, and he cannot run as a president who has lost the war.

Orbán also said that he believed that the time had long passed when Russia would have been able to conquer Ukraine and install a pro-Russian government in the country. "If Russia had won a quick victory, this might have been possible, but now it is hopeless." Therefore, Orbán said, Russia's goal is to turn Ukraine into an ungovernable wreck so that the West has no claim on it. They have already succeeded, he said, and Ukraine is now like Afghanistan, "a no-man's land". But Russia cannot allow NATO to enter Ukraine.

Orbán said that the West does not understand that in Ukraine, time is on the side of Russia, which is a powerful country and can mobilise a huge army, but Ukraine cannot.

The Prime Minister also said that it could not be ruled out that NATO troops would fight in Ukraine in the future.

"We are in big, big trouble," he said, because if the upcoming Russian spring offensive is successful, there will be a question of NATO countries sending troops to Ukraine. "It sounds crazy today, but if you look at the trend, how we got here, it is not out of the question today," he added.

"The West is at war with Russia. This is the reality. Every day we are getting further and further in," he said.

Orbán said the West is only pretending not to be at war with Russia, but by sending more and more weapons and getting closer to actual military intervention, Western leaders are playing an extremely dangerous game with themselves, Russia and Western public opinion. Orbán continues to reject the West's entry into the conflict because "no one comes out of this war a winner".

Asked whether Putin might use nuclear weapons, Orbán said he did not rule them out, although he added that for now only as a "a tool of warfare, and we should not fear that one day a mushroom cloud will be looming over Warsaw or Berlin", although, he added, "I cannot rule that out either". He said that if the Ukrainians cross the Russian border with Western weapons, "the future will be so bright that the West will have to wear sunglasses".

Although Ukraine has had successes against Russia, Orban does not see us in the West as being on the winning side in the long term, if only because of Russia's manufacturing capacity.

One journalist noted that the Russians have not done very well on the front line so far, to which Orban responded that this is true, but that this is how the Russians traditionally perform in war, they are weaker at the beginning, but later on they cannot be stopped.

Orbán also mentioned that forcing Russia into an alliance with Iran is extremely dangerous for Israel, and expressed his hope that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (whose adult son was present at the meeting) could be a peacemaker between Russia and Ukraine.

Orbán said that "the Germans are suffering because they know what is in their national interest, but they cannot say it". According to him, the German leadership knows that it has no business in a war with Russia, but for some reason is unable to say no to Washington.

In the Hungarian prime minister's view, a coup against Putin would not solve anything either, because he has no successor, and even if he did, he would be even more hawkish than Putin.



Pira_ t1_j68acc0 wrote

Thanks, that should have been linked in the article


GustavoFromAsdf t1_j68r5s1 wrote

> putin cannot run as a president who lost.

Wait but wasn't he declared president until 2036?


GustavoFromAsdf t1_j68toqk wrote


Yeah it says he can run for office, but this is the guy that kills neighbor presidents with polonium, no one is gonna compete against him


[deleted] t1_j6ccvbj wrote

He said that Ukraine is a no man's land and he compared it with Afganistan.


daviddevere t1_j67m2mf wrote

Hungary hoping to carve out large parts of Ukraine after Russia wins the war. . Realising the long held dream of a Greater Hungary would leave history to decide that it was Orban who was the Saviour of the Nation. . George Santos must be made US ambassador to Hungary and negotiate an end to the war. .


[deleted] t1_j6cd3qv wrote

>Hungary hoping to carve out large parts of Ukraine after Russia wins the war. .

Yeap, that pretty much sounds like Hungary i know lol


susyarok t1_j6hy908 wrote

Well what do you expect from this person?


sXyphos t1_j689e7n wrote

It is beyond me why a pimple of the EU economy can act as they do, i would understand if Germany/France/Italy would hold alot of power given their "power" but Hungary???

Why are they permitted to act against everything the others stand for?


leeverpool t1_j68fs25 wrote

The downsides of democracy. Which I'd rather have than to live in a world where you can only talk if you're rich.

So yes, he's a nuisance. But it's easier to deal with a nuisance than with an overreaching out of control power.


SubjectWorry7196 t1_j68pwu9 wrote

You can talk all you want, but your words have no weight without the power of money behind them.


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clashofpotato t1_j66tbnl wrote

How is it remotely similar ?


ChuckVader t1_j67cvvn wrote

They're similar in that Russia's failing both wars. So there's that.


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RedSantoAhora t1_j67fnlm wrote

Ukraine has lost 40% of its population?


jyper t1_j67k3kr wrote

I'm guessing he's confusing the number of refugees with the refugees+internally displaced number with just number of refugees and ignoring that many have come back


Inchkeaton t1_j67dnd1 wrote

This guy can't even spell lose correctly. Loser.


[deleted] t1_j67e3m0 wrote



Inchkeaton t1_j67hau5 wrote

You're a funny little man aren't you? Baah! Ukraine should give up already! The Russian invasion has resulted in all these losses, not the Ukrainians defending themselves. You and the rest of you russian pigs want to walk all over Europe without a fight? Not happening this time. Go back to sucking Putin's shriveled dick.


XLR82Perfection t1_j67kxri wrote

ah yes, anyone not agreeing with you should be a little man & suck dick, it's just hilarious seeing your fragile ego failing to comprehend a single random comment here on a reddit post. You must be a very fun person to talk to !


Inchkeaton t1_j67lh8t wrote

No, it's all the 'everyone but me is a sheep and is not as intelligent as I am' attitude that makes you an annoying little troll.


XLR82Perfection t1_j67mbfn wrote

I see, so it all just boils down to-me very bad guy troll, but you are apparently the light at the end of the tunnel, convincing me to see your point of view which is apparently just name calling like some angry teenager ! Go on throwing your temper-tantrums !

btw at this point the thread just makes us both look like keyboard warriors and I'm just not interested in a conversation about how crazy each other is. Just wanted to kinda know, how exactly Ukraine could sustain this war long term (in comparison to Russia), but was not surprised by the dumb responses having nothing to do with the subject matter.


Inchkeaton t1_j67n3qf wrote

Yes, you are right, it's Ukraine's fault so many Ukrainians are dying at the hands of the Russians, silly me for thinking otherwise. I hope they invade my country next, so I can spread my ass cheeks and surrender, which is what you'd have the Ukrainians do. Thanks for showing me the error of my ways.


XLR82Perfection t1_j67nocr wrote

It's more complex than that. Same thing you said could be said for Iraq vs NATO. It's Ukraine's total foreign policy failure (tbh they are a young country, but bordering a country like Russia, one can't afford mistakes in these fields & Russia's intervention in Georgia, Kazakhastan & Chechnya should've been a lesson). Rather than being a bridge between Russia and the EU, it tilted 100% EU/NATO. As much as we both would like idealism & respect for sovereignty, we both know ground reality doesn't work like that. Before applying to NATO/EU Ukraine should've invested in their military, upto a certain amount that would've made a Russian attack very very costly or unsustainable. In this regard Ukraine's 'inaction' has consequences.

Case in point look at Finland and Sweden. They are strongly armed, neutral & economically integrated with western economies. Only now that Russia is focused on Ukraine, did they decide joining NATO. All this was never the case with Ukraine to begin with.

Also War is never common people's fault. Don't put words in my mouth.


jyper t1_j67jw2t wrote

Ukraine is winning. That doesn't mean it's not at high cost. Ukraine will regain the land, many if not most refugees will return and the infrastructure will be rebuilt afterwards but that doesn't bring back the lives lost. You are against people dying (not just the soldiers but many many civilians dying in Ukraine)? Well so is Ukraine but they don't see a way out except to fight


KingStannis2020 t1_j67fry5 wrote

>historical battlegrounds

What the fuck kind of bullshit is this. Why is that their fault.


orangebish t1_j670ncf wrote

So, just like with Afghanistan Russia will inevitably lose and break up into smaller entities? I can take that.


ChuckVader t1_j67czyd wrote

I agree, at least in outcome. How did Russia fair in Afghanistan?