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Ukraine has lost 40% of its population?


jyper t1_j67k3kr wrote

I'm guessing he's confusing the number of refugees with the refugees+internally displaced number with just number of refugees and ignoring that many have come back


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This guy can't even spell lose correctly. Loser.


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You're a funny little man aren't you? Baah! Ukraine should give up already! The Russian invasion has resulted in all these losses, not the Ukrainians defending themselves. You and the rest of you russian pigs want to walk all over Europe without a fight? Not happening this time. Go back to sucking Putin's shriveled dick.


XLR82Perfection t1_j67kxri wrote

ah yes, anyone not agreeing with you should be a little man & suck dick, it's just hilarious seeing your fragile ego failing to comprehend a single random comment here on a reddit post. You must be a very fun person to talk to !


Inchkeaton t1_j67lh8t wrote

No, it's all the 'everyone but me is a sheep and is not as intelligent as I am' attitude that makes you an annoying little troll.


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I see, so it all just boils down to-me very bad guy troll, but you are apparently the light at the end of the tunnel, convincing me to see your point of view which is apparently just name calling like some angry teenager ! Go on throwing your temper-tantrums !

btw at this point the thread just makes us both look like keyboard warriors and I'm just not interested in a conversation about how crazy each other is. Just wanted to kinda know, how exactly Ukraine could sustain this war long term (in comparison to Russia), but was not surprised by the dumb responses having nothing to do with the subject matter.


Inchkeaton t1_j67n3qf wrote

Yes, you are right, it's Ukraine's fault so many Ukrainians are dying at the hands of the Russians, silly me for thinking otherwise. I hope they invade my country next, so I can spread my ass cheeks and surrender, which is what you'd have the Ukrainians do. Thanks for showing me the error of my ways.


XLR82Perfection t1_j67nocr wrote

It's more complex than that. Same thing you said could be said for Iraq vs NATO. It's Ukraine's total foreign policy failure (tbh they are a young country, but bordering a country like Russia, one can't afford mistakes in these fields & Russia's intervention in Georgia, Kazakhastan & Chechnya should've been a lesson). Rather than being a bridge between Russia and the EU, it tilted 100% EU/NATO. As much as we both would like idealism & respect for sovereignty, we both know ground reality doesn't work like that. Before applying to NATO/EU Ukraine should've invested in their military, upto a certain amount that would've made a Russian attack very very costly or unsustainable. In this regard Ukraine's 'inaction' has consequences.

Case in point look at Finland and Sweden. They are strongly armed, neutral & economically integrated with western economies. Only now that Russia is focused on Ukraine, did they decide joining NATO. All this was never the case with Ukraine to begin with.

Also War is never common people's fault. Don't put words in my mouth.


jyper t1_j67jw2t wrote

Ukraine is winning. That doesn't mean it's not at high cost. Ukraine will regain the land, many if not most refugees will return and the infrastructure will be rebuilt afterwards but that doesn't bring back the lives lost. You are against people dying (not just the soldiers but many many civilians dying in Ukraine)? Well so is Ukraine but they don't see a way out except to fight