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robsommerfeldt t1_j6ou90b wrote

Finally some brain cells being used.


WolverineBlooz t1_j6owy4c wrote

They are taking the same approach as Portland. Which to be honest doesn’t seem like it’s improving things on the streets there. They forgot half of the equation that made this successful in places like Portugal.


Impressive-Potato t1_j6pcs5o wrote

Well access to healthcare is a huge hurdle for Americans. Culturally to accept.


WolverineBlooz t1_j6pdkx6 wrote

Access to the kind of healthcare you need to battle mental health and addiction issues in Canada is completely inadequate. I wouldn’t be surprised if Portland has more access to services for struggling people actually. I may be totally off base but they have a huge amount of funding for this population given their size, as I understand.