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ntbananas t1_j6jy5ee wrote

Okie dokie, then. I'm very curious about where they were going to get a Torah scroll from though. Those things are hella expensive - there are rules about it needing to be handwritten on specific materials etc. - it's not like printing a mass-produced book


hokori616 t1_j6kubmw wrote

Worth noting that the original reporting just says "Torah" and not "Torah scroll". So it is quite likely that it is any of the books with a translation of the Torah that you can buy in any bookstore for like 20€ that he planned to burn. Basically, for his purpouse is it likely good enough as long as it says Torah on the cover.


Potatopeeler137 t1_j6k0337 wrote

I don't care if he burns one, feel free.

But yeah I kinda doubt he'd be able to get his hands on one.

Aside from the expense itself, the people who make those aren't going to make one for someone intending to destroy it. The people who have them aren't the type who will hand then over either.

And you obviously can't steal one or buy one that's stolen, as that would actually be a crime.

So I'm fairly curious where he was going to get one from.


GoldenInfrared t1_j6kvyn6 wrote

If there’s anything to learn over the past few years, it’s that crime is legal if right wingers side with you


MitsyEyedMourning t1_j6k1ucw wrote

You can get scrolls on Amazon for 200.


iknowyouright t1_j6kihhw wrote

Lol. You can get a fake one for 200.

Real scrolls are handwritten over months or years on kosher animal skin (parchment) by a specially trained scribe.

Minimum 10,000-30,000 dollars for a real scrill


Terrafire123 t1_j6m2l3p wrote

If a single mistake is made (that is, if a letter is slightly malformed), it can't be erased. Instead, the entire page is discarded.

Therefore, in order to avoid discarding large swatches of text due to a single minor error, it's written on small sheets then stiched together afterwards.

It's a full time job for a whole year by a specially trained person to make one of these. Naturally it's going to cost tens of thousands of dollars.


frosthowler t1_j6k9ocl wrote

No, you can't. You perhaps can get things scammers call Torah scrolls, but you can't buy a Torah scroll from Amazon. It costs tens of thousands of dollars and is purpose made for synagogues. Perhaps some rich connected Jewish dude can order one, but the anti semite can't get one unless he stole it, and you can't order it online