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masken21 t1_j6mb0m7 wrote

Thats a good compliment, a great start for the presidency.


-Vikthor- t1_j6ntm8w wrote

That's the funny part, he hasn't even started yet. He will be inducted into the office on 9th of March.


DJCPhyr t1_j6mdfhe wrote

I hereby formally invite xi jing ping to eat the largest bag of dicks in the universe.


Sofiner t1_j6mebh8 wrote

Czechs were jealous of our president Caputova, now i am jealous of yours. Good job brothers!


random_nohbdy t1_j6nle4c wrote

Her appearance at Pavel’s victory event was such a pleasant surprise

When introducing her, Pavel could only say “President of Slovak—“ before the crowd went NUTS


RemcoProgrammer t1_j6odiqj wrote

That's so cute. Can't you two countries merge or something?


lvl100_richarizard t1_j6ohryp wrote

Ooh yeah! We can give it a cool name that combines the two together, something like Slovakoczechia!


pavelpotocek t1_j6oix2f wrote

No way. There needs to be a dash at least, Slovako-Czechia maybe


izit23 t1_j6opsho wrote

This debate reminds me my childhood.


nura2011 t1_j6mwrj8 wrote

At least they didn't blast him. That's an improvement.


hibaricloudz t1_j6n005s wrote

Did they SLAM the new Czech President???


AstronautLow5470 t1_j6o0vlk wrote

My favorite is how China assumes anyone friendly towards Taiwan is a US puppet, as if the US is oppressing every free, democratic nation in the world to do their bidding


Glasscubething t1_j6oaf8o wrote

It’s almost as if western democracies share common values. What a shocker.


AstronautLow5470 t1_j6ochwm wrote

Yep! And that argument about when the anti-Westerns say that China builds developing nations hospitals and the West only gives them lectures is so weak. If China wanted to do that for free for the sake of reciprocity, then that’s great! But they’re debt-trapping these nations. They seized that port in Sri Lanka after they failed to pay the debts. China and the West need to work together on developing the rest of the undeveloped world, but their desire to outcompete with the West for influence in the region does not benefit them. China is in for a world of hurt over the next couple decades. They need to focus on their healthcare challenges coming up with an aging population.


autotldr t1_j6mdugd wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 74%. (I'm a bot)

> Newly elected Czech president Petr Pavel's phone call with Taiwanese President Tsai Jing-wen on Monday has caused anger in Beijing as tensions between China and Taiwan simmer over Taipei's continued assertion of its autonomy on the global stage and an ongoing trade spat.

> The Czech daily Deník N reported that Czech diplomacy confirmed that the Chinese ministry had contacted the Czech embassy in Beijing and expressed concern.

> Over the last year, tensions between Taiwan and China have increased as Taiwan has increased its diplomatic presence and relationships with Western countries.

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SleepyDM t1_j6n93ay wrote

Alliance player spotted…


JustMyOpinionz t1_j6oe2dj wrote

How can you fume at a man that handsome?


008Zulu t1_j6ohjyh wrote

Xi asked the Magic Mirror who was the handsomest world leader, and didn't like the answer.


DeMalgamnated t1_j6mkz48 wrote

another stupid clickbait headline.


random_nohbdy t1_j6nloay wrote

Nah it’s accurate. CCP Twitter attack dog Chen Weihua already bellyached in the replies to one of Pavel’s tweets