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DocMoochal t1_j6j1qkl wrote

Wasnt a large number of convoluted and sometimes over lapping military/defense pacts, one of the stated causes of world war 1?

Edit: Yes it was, well technically speaking alliances.

What's that age old saying? History doesnt repeat itself but it sure does rhyme.


Reselects420 t1_j6j4ct3 wrote

US already has mutual defence pacts with Japan. And India is already working with US, Japan and Australia (Quad alliance), but does not have a mutual defence pact. India wouldn’t sign a mutual defence pact just to join an expanded AUKUS.


Callysto_Wrath t1_j6j7xzc wrote

I heard it was 'cus some fellow name Archie-duke shot an ostrich 'cus he was hungry.


lordderplythethird t1_j6jcnw4 wrote

Except AUKUS isn't a defensive pact, it's a treaty to formalize joint R&D on multiple cutting edge projects...

Only history repeating here I see, is people talking about something they obviously don't understand, as though they're the authoritative source on the subject


DocMoochal t1_j6jdfm6 wrote

"Britain has called for an overseeing body similar to NATO to ensure security in the Indo-Pacific."


lordderplythethird t1_j6jea8d wrote

They're not. They're calling for AUKUS to add new members. Sky just doesn't understand what fucking AUKUS is, which is just such a shocker to literally no one


Startrail_wanderer t1_j6j4cm7 wrote

Prepare your popcorn for WW3. Hopefully I'll be too old to be conscripted by that time


Reselects420 t1_j6j5211 wrote

I don’t think western nations would draft (m)any soldiers. There almost wouldn’t be an invasion of another country (like China or Russia) by a western nation, it’d probably be a war on the seas or in the skies. Which you need to train soldiers for.