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Israel allowed an Islamic charity to compete with the PA in services. As soon as it turned violent, Israel started fighting it. It did not create an armed wing against the PLO.

If Israel were to bar funding from Qatar to Gaza, you and all other sjws would decry the evil Israelis for the collective punishment. That Hamas is a corrupt villainous organization that steals resources from the Gazans is not Israel's problem. The Gazans need to solve it.

Your feeble attempt to build a case where Israel "props up" Hamas in any way shape or form is risible. Do better.


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These articles have been rehashed to utter boredom. Every dilettante in the conflict brings them around at one point or another. 2015, 2018? We're in 2023 son. If there was some big conspiracy you'd have more than two almost decade old articles. Do better.