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zeshtorm t1_j60f7e5 wrote

I don't understand what you are trying to say. Israel is trying to defuse the time bombs before they go off by arresting terror cells before they can complete attacks they are planning.


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Maximum-Cranberry-64 t1_j60lahc wrote

>Deal with the Palestinians as human beings and not as "terrorists".

They've tried many times over the last 70yrs, and usually payed for it in blood. They've offered a fair peace, and Palestine is the one who keeps refusing.

Palestine started the current war by invading with their Arab allies. Palestine is the one actively calling for the genocide of a people and erasure of their country. Palestine is the one that has government funding in place (from the less radical faction) to incentivize suicide bombings on civilians.

At this point I can't blame Israel for being absolutely done with them and instead deciding to settle the lands they've been governing for 70yrs. Any peace made with them at this point would be worth about as much as a peace promise from Russia. Just gunna give them time to rearm and try again.


zeshtorm t1_j60k12o wrote

How exactly should Israel tackle the difficult task of negotiating a peace settlement with people that don’t want to negotiate a peace settlement with them? Israel has made multiple peace offerings and has agreed to a Palestinian state on like 5 different occasions. Only the Palestinians have said no to a Palestinian state, because it wasn’t on the terms they wanted.

All of these arrests Israel is making are against organizations who believe firmly that they will one day conquer all of Israel and make it all Palestine. These organizations recruit members and get local support because many many other Palestinians believe the same. It’s really sad for the many Palestinians that DON’T live in that fantasy and want to make peace, but their voices are always drowned out by calls for violence.

At one point they need to accept accountability for the fact that they are the party consistently turning down peace offerings or even offers to negotiate.


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zeshtorm t1_j60o6hl wrote

My friend you have good intentions but your lack of knowledge of the history of the conflict is showing. Israel made offers giving the Palestinians basically every inch of land they claim is theirs, with land swaps for the handful of land masses they did not want to give. The Palestinians said no. The American president brokering the deal was stunned.

You keep saying they should negotiate, but with whom?? Hamas rules Gaza. Their founding charter swears that peace with Israel shall never happen, and the only acceptable solution to the conflict is victory through Jihad. Obviously not a negotiation partner.

The PA rules in the West Bank. Their grip is tenuous at best, they've canceled the last 4 or 5 elections because they are afraid they will be beaten by Hamas, and they are the same organization that refused the peace deals and pays salaries to the families of suicide bombers, a policy they refuse to budge on. A few years back, Netanyahu stood in the UN and publicly invited Abbas (leader of the PA) to negotiate with no preconditions. Abbas refused.

You can't negotiate with someone that won't negotiate back. So all your talk of "negotiate, negotiate" is meaningless. It assumes that a majority of Palestinians are okay living peacefully beside Israel, which is probably not true, and it assumes that there is a party on the Palestinian side with whom Israel can negotiate. There simply isn't.