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proindrakenzol t1_j60hqga wrote

>Israel is sitting on a timebomb. Why don't they want to defuse it before it goes off?

Why don't the Arab colonizers want to take "yes" for an answer?

>The Palestinian people are outraged at the lack of progress on a peace accord and the massive encroachment by Israeli settlers.

Ahistoric nonsense. The Arabs who colonized the region have been murdering and stealing from Jews since they first invaded.

The lack of peace progress is solely because there is zero pressure on the Arab-supremicist terrorist-colonial regime to accept peace; rather, they keep getting mulligans on their attempts to commit genocide.

>Yet the paralyzed government does nothing but order more raids, more arrests, more home demolitions, more security checkpoints, more oppression.

Raids in response to terrorist attacks. Arrests of terrorists. Demolition of the homes of terrorists getting money from the PA. Security checkpoints to stop terrorists.

It's not "oppression" to prevent terrorists from murdering civilians.


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proindrakenzol t1_j60j46h wrote

>That is a lot of words to say we are making things much, much worse. Congrats! Good luck with your next intifadah.

You used a lot of words to say "why won't Jews roll over and die for the people who want to oppress them?"

Start demanding the Palestinians negotiate towards peace in good faith. Start demanding Jews be allowed full access to Jewish holy sites, the presence of Islamic imperialist structures be damned.

The "Palestinians" are the colonial invaders, the aggressors, and the losers of wars they started. The World should start acting like it.