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Israeli forces killed at least 10 palestinians yesterday, this is PA's response.


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8 of those 10 are confirmed terroists


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You think that's an appropriate response? How about not having a martyr fund for terrorists?


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...Because Israel raided a terrorist cell in Jenin and killed 8 militants and an old lady?...really? This is what the WB and PA wants to defend?


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It stands for Palestinian Authority, the governing body of the west bank. It's pretty common to use that abbreviation.


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This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 86%. (I'm a bot)

> While PA President Mahmoud Abbas has previously praised the security ties as well, they are not particularly popular among the Palestinian public, and he has made a habit in recent years of threatening to cut coordination amid growing frustration with Israel.

> It also briefly suspended security coordination with Israel in protest at Israel installing new security measures at the entrance to the Temple Mount compound in Jerusalem following a terror attack in which two Israeli policemen were killed by Arab Israeli gunmen who emerged from the holy site to commit the murders.

> The Biden administration on Thursday cautioned the PA against cutting security ties with Israel again.

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Palestine is sitting on a timebomb. Why don't they want to defuse it before it goes off? The Israeli people are exhausted at the lack of progress and the gratuitous violence coming from Palestinian extremists. Yet the Palestinian government and factions do nothing but talk as if they have the upper hand, pay for slay and lob rockets at Israel.


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The violence came before the occupation, and before there was a modern Israel. That cause/effect doesn't work as well as you may think it does. More recently, Israel left Gaza and the violence continued.

Israel has been negotiating continuously. How do you expect a government in the 16th year of its 4 year mandate (Abbas) and a terrorist organization (Hamas) to inspire confidence in an agreement on the average Israeli is a question nobody of the kumbayah chorus seems to be able (or to want) to answer.


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Oh please. Jews were being slaughtered way before the first immigration wave.

Israel pulled out in 2005. The increased border control started in early 2007 when the rocket attacks and cross-border incursions started.

Your last paragraph simply shows you are totally detached from reality. Seriously. The Palestinians are already more than radicalized, Islamist or not, and Israel propping up Hamas? Pull the other one.


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Oh do tell us. Please.


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Israel allowed an Islamic charity to compete with the PA in services. As soon as it turned violent, Israel started fighting it. It did not create an armed wing against the PLO.

If Israel were to bar funding from Qatar to Gaza, you and all other sjws would decry the evil Israelis for the collective punishment. That Hamas is a corrupt villainous organization that steals resources from the Gazans is not Israel's problem. The Gazans need to solve it.

Your feeble attempt to build a case where Israel "props up" Hamas in any way shape or form is risible. Do better.


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These articles have been rehashed to utter boredom. Every dilettante in the conflict brings them around at one point or another. 2015, 2018? We're in 2023 son. If there was some big conspiracy you'd have more than two almost decade old articles. Do better.


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There are growing terrorist militant cells all over the West Bank that directly threaten the stability of the PA yet they don't do enough to stop them, this is why Israel has been more active recently in the West Bank.

The lack of progress comes from the Palestinian side as well, not just Israel.


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I don't understand what you are trying to say. Israel is trying to defuse the time bombs before they go off by arresting terror cells before they can complete attacks they are planning.


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>Deal with the Palestinians as human beings and not as "terrorists".

They've tried many times over the last 70yrs, and usually payed for it in blood. They've offered a fair peace, and Palestine is the one who keeps refusing.

Palestine started the current war by invading with their Arab allies. Palestine is the one actively calling for the genocide of a people and erasure of their country. Palestine is the one that has government funding in place (from the less radical faction) to incentivize suicide bombings on civilians.

At this point I can't blame Israel for being absolutely done with them and instead deciding to settle the lands they've been governing for 70yrs. Any peace made with them at this point would be worth about as much as a peace promise from Russia. Just gunna give them time to rearm and try again.


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How exactly should Israel tackle the difficult task of negotiating a peace settlement with people that don’t want to negotiate a peace settlement with them? Israel has made multiple peace offerings and has agreed to a Palestinian state on like 5 different occasions. Only the Palestinians have said no to a Palestinian state, because it wasn’t on the terms they wanted.

All of these arrests Israel is making are against organizations who believe firmly that they will one day conquer all of Israel and make it all Palestine. These organizations recruit members and get local support because many many other Palestinians believe the same. It’s really sad for the many Palestinians that DON’T live in that fantasy and want to make peace, but their voices are always drowned out by calls for violence.

At one point they need to accept accountability for the fact that they are the party consistently turning down peace offerings or even offers to negotiate.


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My friend you have good intentions but your lack of knowledge of the history of the conflict is showing. Israel made offers giving the Palestinians basically every inch of land they claim is theirs, with land swaps for the handful of land masses they did not want to give. The Palestinians said no. The American president brokering the deal was stunned.

You keep saying they should negotiate, but with whom?? Hamas rules Gaza. Their founding charter swears that peace with Israel shall never happen, and the only acceptable solution to the conflict is victory through Jihad. Obviously not a negotiation partner.

The PA rules in the West Bank. Their grip is tenuous at best, they've canceled the last 4 or 5 elections because they are afraid they will be beaten by Hamas, and they are the same organization that refused the peace deals and pays salaries to the families of suicide bombers, a policy they refuse to budge on. A few years back, Netanyahu stood in the UN and publicly invited Abbas (leader of the PA) to negotiate with no preconditions. Abbas refused.

You can't negotiate with someone that won't negotiate back. So all your talk of "negotiate, negotiate" is meaningless. It assumes that a majority of Palestinians are okay living peacefully beside Israel, which is probably not true, and it assumes that there is a party on the Palestinian side with whom Israel can negotiate. There simply isn't.


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There was this one time in the 90's where it was completely agreed to have a full peace deal called Oslo accords.

Guess who pulled out of it when he realized that he will lose a lot of his power, and guess who in response launched an intifada...


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>Israel is sitting on a timebomb. Why don't they want to defuse it before it goes off?

Why don't the Arab colonizers want to take "yes" for an answer?

>The Palestinian people are outraged at the lack of progress on a peace accord and the massive encroachment by Israeli settlers.

Ahistoric nonsense. The Arabs who colonized the region have been murdering and stealing from Jews since they first invaded.

The lack of peace progress is solely because there is zero pressure on the Arab-supremicist terrorist-colonial regime to accept peace; rather, they keep getting mulligans on their attempts to commit genocide.

>Yet the paralyzed government does nothing but order more raids, more arrests, more home demolitions, more security checkpoints, more oppression.

Raids in response to terrorist attacks. Arrests of terrorists. Demolition of the homes of terrorists getting money from the PA. Security checkpoints to stop terrorists.

It's not "oppression" to prevent terrorists from murdering civilians.


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>That is a lot of words to say we are making things much, much worse. Congrats! Good luck with your next intifadah.

You used a lot of words to say "why won't Jews roll over and die for the people who want to oppress them?"

Start demanding the Palestinians negotiate towards peace in good faith. Start demanding Jews be allowed full access to Jewish holy sites, the presence of Islamic imperialist structures be damned.

The "Palestinians" are the colonial invaders, the aggressors, and the losers of wars they started. The World should start acting like it.


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The Israeli voter is afraid of a sovereign Palestinian state. There are not enough guarantees from the Palestinians that such peace will ensure the safety of Israel.

Therefore, the politicians don't even have the idea to negotiate peace. Its quite simple really.


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The UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon has failed to prevent Hazbollah from operating in and militarizing the border with Israel, and the UN peacekeeping force on the israeli-egyptian border in 1967 dispersed when the egyptian army mobilized, marched on Israel, and ordered the peacekeepers to vacate. Israel has 0 experiences where UN peacekeepers uphold their mandates and actually keep the peace. Israel has no reason to agree to a failed formula.


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I don't know who or what PA is. These titles stink.


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Google is available to everyone, use it. Or better yet you could actually read the article?