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Khada_the_Collector t1_j5xgiy1 wrote

Seems as though it’s a loud group, but the numbers show most are good with staying in Canada (and who can blame them).


snagsguiness t1_j5xe5ei wrote

Economically it makes sense for Alberta


andygchicago t1_j5xjglt wrote

I remember back in the day when Quebec had serious thoughts of independence, economic experts said the most viable thing for the rest of Canada was to join the US


WhatDoYouMean951 t1_j5ych13 wrote

If Quebec left the roC would be sliced in half. The North-West territories create a land connection between BC and roC, but as best as I can tell there's no current road connections that don't go via Alberta. BC, NWT and Yukon would become a pene-exclave that separates the US exclave of Alaska from the main territory. I guess those same economic experts would make that same claim if Alberta joined the US.


andygchicago t1_j5yejdb wrote

I don’t see why geography would be a factor we literally have a state in the middle of an ocean. I’m sure they considered transport with Quebec as a thoroughfare


snagsguiness t1_j5yr6h9 wrote

For the US it’s not a factor for Canada it is a major one.


Thoth_the_5th_of_Tho t1_j5y9a7g wrote

Politically, the US would never accept it, at least not without Canada's approval, and a blue state to add to balance it out.


Donut_of_Patriotism t1_j5yseqp wrote

All other considerations aside, can we just talk about how weird the shape of the US would be if this actually happened?


mobappbrowse t1_j5z6byj wrote

> Alberta has a succession movement where they want to join the USA.



[deleted] t1_j5x33dc wrote

just make the whole of canada the 51st state fuck it