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Godzilla_RUN t1_j6o6n4g wrote

Everytime I see a post about any other religion, there’s toms of Muslims quick to point out ‘We’re proud to be muslim, Allah is the only best, etc.’ but on such posts where do they disappear to?


Godzilla_RUN t1_j6o74n4 wrote

Context: I saw a YT short about something something Cristianity Old Traditions and all comments were in Arabic saying “God is great and thank god he made is muslims, etc”. How can peace and such striking repititive global events concerning one ethnic group go in the same sentence. (Before you get the pitchforks out, im neither religions or religious for that matter. I just don’t like groups who think that everyone else should follow their pathetic and appaling religious rules.


Zakariya002 t1_j6o8wdz wrote

My brother in Allah the Taliban and their offshoots don't really have a religious motive.


Train-Robbery t1_j6ofphr wrote

I wonder why people can't accept the Taliban is secular?


Zakariya002 t1_j6ohbk0 wrote

they do not have a religious motive doesn't mean I'm calling them secular, the Pakistani Taliban specifically attacks Pakistan's armed forces because of their beef.


Train-Robbery t1_j6ojcwp wrote

Is this just territorial conflict or is it about the different sects in Islam, idk much except Sunnis hating Shias. There's Ahmadi as well somewhere i guess?


Uumm_wat t1_j6oirsy wrote

These freekin religions! And not just the ones in this article. They all bomb, kill and rape. from the west to the east. Why follow a any god like that. .?


Startrail_wanderer t1_j6o7u5o wrote

Rising extremist Hindu nation shows support to arch rival Muslim nation (How dare they!!)

Waiting for Russia support, India bad comments to roll in below.