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MagnificentCat t1_j6p5vug wrote

I hate when people are hung up on peace. Its the worst


Bthejerk t1_j6p6e7h wrote

Or, from his perspective, ever.

He’s just another far right neofascist that wants continuous war to feed the military industrial complex.


onlyfacts2000 t1_j6p7aau wrote

You can easily make the claim that Bibi does not move towards peace. But blaming him for wanting some war to continue? I feel that's very disingenuous.

He is being called many times "Mister status quo", as it seems he does his best to keep things as quiet as possible and stuck in the current situation, for better and for worse.

Also, Israel will never stop spending billions on it's army or military tech anytime soon, regardless of the Palestinians.


Sujjin t1_j6p81ez wrote

>“Well, I’m certainly willing to have them have all the powers that they need to govern themselves. But none of the powers that could threaten (us) and this means that Israel should have the overriding security responsibility.”

Basically treating the Palestinians the same way as the Native Americans were/are treated.


onlyfacts2000 t1_j6pdtvb wrote

Did the native Americans settle on the old European homeland? Did they shoot tens of thousands of rockets on innocent American civilians?

Americans thinking everything in the world is similar to them is so ignorant.


DragonTHC t1_j6pgrhm wrote

Are you trying to argue that Palestinians settled on Israeli homeland?

Because I don't think that's what actually happened.


onlyfacts2000 t1_j6pihtn wrote

Where did your "evil" Jews spawn from? Go look it up and report back if possible.


Sujjin t1_j6peud6 wrote

the TREATMENT of the Palestinians is similar if not the SAME. pay attention to the argument that was made and not the one you want to argue with.


onlyfacts2000 t1_j6pfhs6 wrote

Yeah and the treatment of a murderer is to put him in jail, even though it's a free country. Crazy right?

Context matters, and your comment is attempting to spread a false narrative which completely makes no sense and as such, there is no need to even engage with your argument and prove you wrong, as you miss the entire point.