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MonitorPowerful5461 t1_j6cmdvp wrote

The footage of a burning munitions factory would seem to disagree

Edit: Al Jazeera, really? You’re just going to use a claim by the Iranian gov as a title, without specifying that it was a statement by them?

Al Jazeera is mostly a good news site, but they’re disgustingly biased about the Middle East.


canadatrasher t1_j6cs2bv wrote

Al Jazeera is so awfull on middle east I stopped trusting them entirely.

Because if they lack journalistic integrity on some issues, you never know when it will bleed over.


PhDinDildos_Fedoras t1_j6d0cem wrote

They used to be fairly good, well, questionable on the ME, but lately it's gone down the gutter.


canadatrasher t1_j6d1a3p wrote

If you cannot trust them on one topic, why would you trust them on others?

You never know when their open bias is going to bleed over.


alppu t1_j6fmnsi wrote

Is there a news site without weak spots? Politics seems like an impossible arena to report on without biases.


canadatrasher t1_j6fmyn7 wrote

This is not a "weak spot."

This is just blatant and vicious propoganda