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Currywurst_Is_Life t1_j6maqli wrote

I'm an American living in Germany, and I can make other Americans' heads explode when I try to tell them that Obama and Biden (who the right-wing nutjobs always scream about being "socialists" and "communists") would fit pretty well in the center-right over here (aligning pretty much with Merkel).


nagrom7 t1_j6miytv wrote

Just take universal healthcare for example. In the US it's a contentious issue that's only really being pushed by the "fringe" democrats, and ignored by the rest of the party as well as the Republicans. Meanwhile in places like Australia and most of Europe it's so mainstream that as much as the right doesn't like it, they don't dare to overtly touch it because it would be political suicide.


9Wind t1_j6mcdzx wrote

You ever see the another American see the difference in how other countries treat identity and cause a culture shock that can seen on a richter scale?

I can imagine an American showing his "23 and me" results saying he is proud to be 90% German and Germans looking in horror thinking he is some kind of race purist because other cultures care about cultural knowledge and language skills to call yourself something instead of genetics.

You see this talked about a lot on indigenous and Mexico subs with American expats, but I wonder if European countries have the same problem.