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ntbananas t1_j6k09pk wrote

Israel most likely. Maybe Saudi Arabia with the support of some other Gulf states


dogeimistic t1_j6k2qte wrote

We're getting into ww3 territory here.


MSTRMN_ t1_j6morgd wrote

Lol, how is going to be a "world war" when the only adversary will be Iran?


Beautiful_Ad_3402 t1_j6kewp5 wrote

I mentioned WW3 and got about 30 downvotes on this forum lol, hope is a hell of a drug. Be prepared, good luck and my best wishes to everyone


LayneLowe t1_j6llg5s wrote

Well a regional war, non NATO. Probably just drones, covert and cyber.


Just_a_follower t1_j6k2976 wrote

This guy knows what’s up. Israel and Saudi can also both deflect at each other . I Dunno who it could have been Supreme Leader. Who has reason to not like you ? 🤷‍♂️