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ChadorLondo t1_j6k5gje wrote

Exactly. Israel already has stealth F-35s and a competent air force that already successfully destroyed nuclear reactors before. Why aren't they dealing with Iran decisively considering they are an inch away from a nuclear bomb?


valvaro t1_j6kmxly wrote

That is what you call invading... the last thing anyone need at the moment


Sweet-Sale-7303 t1_j6kfygp wrote

Didn't they use drones to do exactly that recently?


ChadorLondo t1_j6kizmt wrote

No they only hit some drone producing factory. The nuclear plant itself is buried under a mountain and I'm afraid drones can't do much to it.


neverfarts t1_j6m5579 wrote

Because the iranian nuclear program is light years ahead of the Iraqi one. Some of it is buried so deep, only the US's biggest of bombs, deliverable only by US strategic bombers stand a chance of destroying it. Israel can't execute this all alone, as they did in Iraq and Syria. So until American support and active engagement is guaranteed, nothing on such scale will happen.