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RippingOne t1_j6bwznm wrote

Just leave a Yelp review next time.


gigonz t1_j6bedxz wrote

Just one more thing Americans are better at.


coreywindom t1_j6awpyj wrote

The world is going to shit


koreamax t1_j6bt5t9 wrote

Haven't been following the Middle East for long, have you?


mitchconner_ t1_j6bb15i wrote

Mate the world is almost 4.6 billion years old, and 88% of that was Precambrian.

All this is just a speck in time.


JoaoBinda t1_j6b0cgd wrote

Nah media access just makes it seem that way. These donkeys have been fighting about their man in the sky for centuries.


PsychologicalGain298 t1_j6bxvvk wrote

I don't think this is a religious fight as much as fighting against apartheid.


frosthowler t1_j6bz0hm wrote

Correct. It is illegal to be a Jew in Palestine; selling land to Jews is a capital crime. This is a fight against Palestinian apartheid and their desire to wipe out all Jews.


farmerjoee t1_j6enqwd wrote

Why is reality and truth so offensive to right-wingers? Y’all literally just construct whatever narrative you need with zero nuance.


frosthowler t1_j6eou95 wrote

I'm left-wing; being against racism and religious bigotry isn't exactly a hallmark of right-wingers.

Regardless, you speak of reality, yet pointedly choose to ignore the fact that it is explicitly, lawfully, illegal to sell land to Jews, there is a religious fatwa in Palestine against selling land to Jews, and the punishment is death.

Your only possible response to this absurd reality is to rant about right-wingers and how they ignore reality?

The settlements do nothing to prevent a two-state solution. They only do so in the sense that Palestine is an apartheid, ethnonationalist proto-state that wants a judenrein Palestine.

Ostensibly they can get those territories, with those settlements, and have a 20% Jewish population, like how Israel has a 20% Arab population and is just fine.

But that is acceptable to jihadists and their sympathizers: not one Jew is allowed to remain in Palestine, despite millennia of presence.


farmerjoee t1_j6epc0m wrote

Obviously… take some responsibility. Framing the conflict where Israelis are the only victims is wrong, and you know that. You’re approaching this with a right wing lens, but nice try.


frosthowler t1_j6epqo2 wrote

When did I say Palestinians aren't victims too? Can you reply with something other than strawman?


farmerjoee t1_j6epzvh wrote

Knowing right-wingers, you genuinely think you’re making an argument out of plausible deniability. If you can’t discuss your shitty lens in good faith, then what’s the point? Karma?


metumtam01 t1_j6c5okt wrote

Right here students! This is the definition of "Naive".


Much_Writing_7575 t1_j6br2f4 wrote


This war has been going on for over two thousand years because six warring factions worship the imaginary sky monster in slightly different ways.


alamarain t1_j6c8hm6 wrote

Actually, one of those sky monsters is well over two thousands years old, the other is only 1300 years old. But why do they need tables when they have perfectly good tummies?


GeorgeEBHastings t1_j6ido4o wrote

Respectfully, this is reductive. The I/P conflict is about 75 years old by most official metrics, arguably a bit north of 100 years old depending on how one defines their terms.

The conflict is largely political and ethnic, religion's role is largely tactical and context-specific. The first Jews coming to the Old and New Yishuv were generally either secular, or refugees (aka, not super concerned with religion so much as safety).

Palestinians in the area are responding to what they view as colonialism, not some divine mandate against Jews (although that is absolutely present on the extreme end).

Not every evil comes down to religion. The world, unfortunately, is not so simple as to rest all the world's evils at the feet of one concept.