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FKFnz t1_j6gohqm wrote

North Korea been doing a lot of slamming lately.


Kupper666 t1_j6gpl6j wrote

They don’t like that they are not the main news reports anymore.


Korean_Sandwich t1_j6gnt9o wrote

everytime they wipe their ass it's considered"provocation"


Princess-ArianaHY t1_j6gqfv8 wrote

Is lil kim brave brave enough to start a war? Nah. He isn't as stupid as pootin.


ImoJenny t1_j6h3ubj wrote

How dare NATO checks notes freely engage in diplomacy!


my20cworth t1_j6gs8d9 wrote

Oh God here he goes again. Fat boy is so fanging to have a war. He's looking for any excuse.


[deleted] t1_j6gt6sh wrote

North Korea says this shit ever darn week, and nothing ever happens. Maybe the guy just wants food and money aid again.


markedbeamazed t1_j6gvmuj wrote

North Korea can't do jack shit about it. Best it can do is fire missiles into the water. It can bitch and moan all it wants and no one gives a fuck.


autotldr t1_j6gtyx3 wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 73%. (I'm a bot)

> N Korea slams NATO chief's visit to Seoul as 'prelude' war to Asia-Pacific.

> ALSO READ North Korea's Kim calls for key party meeting to review state affairs Kamala Harris to visit demilitarized zone during her visit to South Korea North Korea fired ballistic missile toward eastern waters: South Korea North Korea fires more than 10 missiles after threat: South Korea North Korea military orders new artillery firing over South Korea drills.

> North Korea on Monday denounced a visit to Seoul by Jens Stoltenberg, the NATO Secretary General, as a "Prelude" to war, saying the move could bring a "New Cold War" to the Asia-Pacific region.

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realnrh t1_j6hag4i wrote

North Korea is currently experiencing a severe famine with people freezing in the northern part of the country, aren't they? I expect Kim is trying tantrum diplomacy again, trying to get people to pay attention and provide aid, and having everyone ignore him is driving him nuttier than usual.


WanderingPickles t1_j6i3ulb wrote

In other news, North Korea condemns the JROTC at a school in Idaho as an affront to its sovereignty. The North Korean Ministry of Foreign Insults and Butthurtedness described the local school’s program as “an irresponsible attempt at spreading despicable American imperialist murder fantasies amongst its delicate and depraved youth” and promised “an overwhelming response to teach the vile yankee bastards a lesson.”

The JROTC students, when asked for their comments were somewhat confused at the vitriol with which they have been targeted. After a few minutes googling (a practice also condemned by North Korea and punishable by death in the “worker’s paradise”) the students are amused. This reporter reminded them that it is impolite to make fun of mentally ill people, but darn it if those kids weren’t hilarious. The bit about Kim’s jockstrap… oh buddy was that hot fire.


fortevn t1_j6hbfk4 wrote

What the fuck does "a new Cold War" even mean? Cold War is a war that doesn't have direct confrontation, only threats, bullshits, and other means - any mean except military. Which NK has been in against SK and the West for decades. Has their Cold War ever ended for a new one?