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Hitmanglass_ t1_j6dr8uw wrote

They can’t buy it with all the money the usa gave them?


ToughQuestions9465 t1_j6eb555 wrote

USA gave money? Source?


Hitmanglass_ t1_j6ffsqi wrote


ToughQuestions9465 t1_j6gr6g7 wrote

Great! It's a big country, it needs all it can get to not collapse under pressure of war.


shamusluke t1_j6hlqn7 wrote

Just as an aside; international aid does not directly get deposited into a country. The political framework of comparison between how sovereign states work and how individual households is both wrong and harmful. Most often when a state gives aid the amount is spent on the giving states industry and the goods are then given to the recipient of the aid. This is done for a myriad of reasons. Most foremost the fact that often the state receiving aid is in crisis and may not have the resources or the capacity to produce the things they need. When a state such as in this case, Lithuania, gives a product and not just a value they often have the supply chain optimization to achieve the desired outcome and the cost may vary. This is in comparison to other states where the value in aid is stated as either it is a cap on the amount or that the aid may have varying outcomes it is targeting.

But to truly understand why Ukraine is still in need despite the out poring of support it is a fundamental problem of armed conflict in residential areas. It costs a lot to wage an invasion. Russia has oil money to pay for that. This was the purpose of the tariffs and the accounts being frozen. Unfortunately both China and India continue to need Russian oil and as such are funding the invasion. The complexity is that it costs even more to defend yourself. And the easiest way for an invading enemy to hurt another state is to disrupt its trade. Thus making it both need to spend money to defend itself and not having the tax base to support that spending.

The tl;dr is government finance and individual finance are two very different things. That and aid is a lot more complicated than just I will give you x amount of monies.