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Disney/Apple merging. [Bob Iger says Apple & Disney would have merged if Steve Jobs was alive]( - Dec 21, 2021 > In an interview with CNBC on Tuesday, Iger noted that Jobs


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advanced data protection feature [](,That%27s%20it%2C%20you%27ve%20successfully%20enabled%20Advanced%20Data%20Protection)


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There have been bugs in the attempt-counting code, exploitable by [GrayKey]( Also, iPhone X & before have [a boot ROM bug]( letting you DFU unsigned payloads, but that


keetboy t1_jdferd4 wrote Still true as of late 2022 iirc anecdotally. Company tried to verify a friend’s employment history and everything about their senior software engineer was changed to associate with a level similar


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spying on you as much as anybody else you are just naive. Edit: there are [four]( antitrust lawsuits in relation to privacy against them. One of those lawsuits is exactly related