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people. I take the profit without earning it. For the remedy read ”HENRY GEORGE”](\(cropped\).jpg) >Yours truly >Fay Lewis It's because we've created such a warped


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wildlife and maybe, in the next trip, we can be the tour guides ourselves. [Alternative Resolutions]( [Highest Resolution ]( Edit: If anyone needs this as a poster [Check this site


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Past that, I wouldn’t mind a flag based on [William Penn’s coat of arms]( Also, shamelessly promoting my [personal Pennsylvania flag redesign](


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elevated breaking wheel is prominently featured in Breughel's "The Triumph of Death",_Pieter_-_Triumph_of_Death,_detail_-_c._1562-1563.jpg He likely saw it himself, and felt the same way about


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church in Rome. You can visit it