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bond in 2018... Then he did it again in July of 2018. This is not liberal vs conservative. This is a failure of CT legal system. And needs to be addressed. Take


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whistle, rather than acknowledging it, is manipulating the conversation, yes. Here is the murder story: People should not be bullied off of logical discussion and valid points by false accusations of racism


EWR-RampRat11-29 t1_iyf7g3m wrote]( Includes pics


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lately I am seeing these officers (especially newer hirers) just doing some really dumb stuff! [](


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clue who she was. Plus businesses in PA have pressed charges for even more ridiculous "thefts" []( I would have wondered if there was even an innocent mistake on Cherry/Jones part


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sentence following his conviction. Edit: His dad is Gregory Gillespie. Forgot to add that Full story: []( ​


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longer sentence following his conviction. Edit: His dad is Gregory Gillespie Edit 2: Spelling Full story: []( ​


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trend. Legitimately curious if you think the charges are too harsh a charge in this case. [](


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reality It's an interesting idea. Surprised no one has thought of it yet. Story: [](